Idea: therapist booth in game (was: "Calling Therapists of Glitch")

Are there any counselors, clinicians, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists playing Glitch?

I got annoyed at a work situation today and had a sudden fantasy of being able to visit one of those Peanuts style "Advice - 5 cents" booths in game to blow off steam.

Yes I know that getting actual therapy from the internet is foolish. But it could also be potentially hilarious, no? Especially if sock puppets were involved?

Not close to going postal, but closer than I was yesterday, 
- Eggy

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  • Love. It. :)
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  • I'm not a therapist. But here's a story from back when I managed a coffeeshop. Might not be applicable to your situation but here it is.

    When training employees I would give this little speech:
       "You know the saying "the customer is always right"? Well, that's wrong. Often the customer is extremely wrong. It is just easier to pretend they are right. But sometimes the insist on something that is factually just not true. Say 'Last time I was here, a cup of coffee on cost 75 cents!" And unless that was five years ago they are wrong. They will want to fight you. Most likely they are mad about something in their life that has nothing to do with you. You are an easy target because you are trapped behind the counter.
       "Kindly point out what the truth is. Smile broadly. But, in the back of your mind, pretend you are swearing at them in the most vulgar way possible. Just go wild. But keep smiling and being as polite as humanly possible.
       "They'll pick it up. They'll read it in your eyes. And once they realize there is no way you are going to get upset at them and that some in your eyes says that you will kill them given half a chance, they'll back away."

    I may not have been a very good manager.
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  • Yes, I am a social worker and psychotherapist. I even started a group here called the Glitch Association of Social Workers. But we only have two members. :'(

    EDIT: Anyway, Eggy, my advice is to find a regular therapist. My general stance is that 99% of the world can benefit from therapy. And that doesn't mean they are all broken, or defunct, or crazy, but that they are growing. It's a controversial stance to have, but it's becoming more and more popular. I've heard more people say that "everyone should be in therapy" than I would expect to hear that from, lmao.
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  • ALSO! Lord Bacon-O, you may be interested in this anecdote, lmao.
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  • Psych major in college. Cerulean I might join that group of yours, I'm planning on going to grad school for an MPH before heading off to med school.

    Also, agreed that therapy is a good thing, if for no other reason that everyone needs to have an ear to listen at some point or another.
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  • Therapy is awesome! If you find a good therapist, anyway.
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  • Eggy, sorry to hear about job stress!  You can always vent to us about the, in Off Topic. :P
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  • Just a limited license counselor. 
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  • Hey was this originally in the ideas forum? I thought it was a great idea! I can see this being a lot of fun with an NPC in the booth who could give quests based on a few multiple-choice and free-response inputs.
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  • The Magic Prime Polyhedron. Wanders like the Rube. Give it 5c and a shake, and attach it to a sentence generator of some kind. (Or let us submit "answers" for it to pull out randomly. The advice you get may be your own!)
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  • +1 to Katlazam and Jennyanydots!  I hope the devs are reading this.
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  • Maybe ELIZA could be tempted out of retirement.
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  • From Nanookie's link:

    "My mother hates me" 

    "Who else in your family hates you?"

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  • Oh god, how embarrassing. I posted what I thought was a funny idea, and it got interpreted as an awkward cry for help. Clearly, not. funny. enough.

    But, um, thanks everyone - I'm pleasantly moved by the supportiveness and sensitivity of the Glitch community.

    Excuse me, I gotta go spend the next test cringing at myself now.
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  • Nah, don't worry too much about it. Lucy always gave horrid advice, too. ;)
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  • Lucy did always give horrid advice, haha. Eggy, I figured you weren't seriously looking for help, but I was also trying to be light-hearted about it, as well. Seeing a therapist isn't a serious thing. It's like getting a massage for the soul. No one thinks it's a big deal if their friends go for massages, do they? :)
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  • Now I guess you just have to deal with the "egg" on your face pmsl. I was going to offer up a hug too :p
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  • I teach middle school. Most days I end up being the councilor. :P
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