A great e-mail I got.

From Master Favour Ubah
Ghana in West Africa

Please i begged you in the name of God that makes you what you are i need your help. I hope that you will read through this email and understand how difficult things can be for someone in a particular period of life, I introduce my self to you with all faith, trust and hope you will understand to assist me not to betray me at the end.

My Name is Master Favour Ubah the only Son of Mr and Mrs Mutah Ubah i am 20 year old My father was a very wealthy Gold Merchant in Monrovia the Gold Capital of republic of Liberia all in west Africa.

My father was poisoned to death last two years by his brother and they accused my mother of having a hand in my fatherís death because they are after my father's wealth. Before the death of my father last two years he called me and my mother and told us that the last food he ate was at his brother's house, now my father is dead the Autopsy comfirmed he was poisoned to death. my father's relations are after my mother saying she is responsible for my father's death so that they will inherit all my fathers belonging which they succeeded and put my mother in prison for crime she did not commit.

Before my mother was sentence to Nine years in prison last year December she called me and told me that my father deposited the sum of (USD $15 MILLION FIFTEEN MILLION U.S DOLLARS ) in a bank in Ghana and hand me over the documents of the money, and also told me that my father use me the son as the NEST OF KIN and put his foreign business partner as the beneficiary good a thing he did not mention any name.

She told me to come down to this country Ghana where the money was deposited and look for a foreign partner who will help me and transfer the money to his/her account so that the person will help me to come over to his/her country to continue my education, and I have gone to the bank here in Ghana and comfirmed the deposit.

My purpose of contacting you is for you to help me transfer this money to your account and also help me to come over to your country to further my education before this people who killed my father and put my mother in prison will find out and collect the documents of this money and claim it as they claimed all my fatherís properties.

I'm now hiding in a local place here waiting for the transfer of the money, and I will compensate you with 20% of this money if you help me to transfer the money to your account l hope you will not betray the trust i have on you because this money is my only hope in this life and also know that my mother will come and stay with us when ever she is out of prison.

I can assure you there is No Risk involve the money is an inheritance from my late father.

I am waiting to hear from you.

Wow who would even fall for this?

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  • How can you even suspect it is fraudulent??  Where do I sign up?  I am going to be rich, rich, I tell you, rich!!:-)
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  • you can e-mail him here
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  • It's the Hamlet of Africa! Something's rotten in the country of Monrovia!
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  • There are a few groups online ( is the one that comes to mind) that devote some time to responding to these.
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  • lol @ FrankenPaula, was thinking same!

    Was also thinking this would be awesome within Glitch itself. 
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  • 419eater is awesome, but as funny as these things are, they definitely work or people wouldn't keep sending them.  Since email is essentially free, if they get one hit out of a million, it pays to keep going.  The sad fact is that they prey on the vulnerable.

    Most people who are every going to get email have gotten it by now, but when some elderly people (who might be in the process of losing their marbles anyway) get email for the first time, they can find the whole process very confusing and think they really might be getting a personal message.

    Those of us who've grown up with computers have a certain sensibility about what can be expected in an inbox and how these communications usually work, but when you have zero perspective and think, for example, Google is the internet, shenanigans can be pretty effective on you.

    My grandparents were almost snookered out of some cash by smooth-talker on the phone who said he was from their bank.  Luckily my father caught wind of what was going on and put a stop to it.  ("You're sending who a voided check?!?")
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  • You could just open a debt account and pass it to a scammer. That would be fitting.
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  • Yeah I was temped to open a account and put 1 dollar in it.
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  • The first thing I thought was "that guy sounds like a real masterfavour."
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