Anyone watch any good anime lately?

I can't be the only anime dork (otaku) out here, I think.  Anyone have some recommendations?

I just flew through Nodame Cantabile and have to say it is the best show I watched since Madoka Magica (the first is a music-centered comedy drama and the second is quite possibly the deepest and darkest magical girl show I've ever seen.  I even think it's almost insulting calling it magical girl since I think it can be enjoyed by both genders and it's chock full of artistic references and crazy).  Anywho's, NC is full of funny and multi-dimensional characters, good comedy and a great classical music score.  Plus I think the show's better than the manga.

I'm also watching about 10 shows that are airing now (you have to do something between openings and during summer).  I think my favorites are No. 6, Ao no Exorcist, Hanasaku Iroha and Dantalian no Shota.  A lot of people love Penguindrum and although it's enjoyable, I'm waiting.  Blood-C and Itsuka Temma are both shows with high potential but low outcomes.  I also watch Tiger and Bunny and Dantalian no Shota (both of which are pretty enjoyable).  

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  • Blue Exorcist is running subbed in Hulu atm - I rather like it.  Interesting if relatively predictable story and of course the likewise predictable fanservice. 

    Aria: the Scarlett Ammo; re-watching Chobits; Fairy Tail; all pretty standard anime on the action/SF/mahou/way-out-there scale.

    Freezing is one that is primarily SF/alternative world & fanservice at first glance, but the story underneath I think is interesting in a socio-cultural context. It is rather hard to explain but "normal" societal rules are warped by the contingency of the anime's premise into something that I'd love to see explored in much greater depth and clarity.

    ~~ TJ Fuzzybut
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  • FLCL kinda blew my mind.  But no robots came out.
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  • Vampire Knight is English dubbed. There's 2 series of only 14 episodes each. I love it, at risk of sounding fangirly. I also like Deltora Quest, based on a book series of the same name. There's 65 episodes I think but only 1-54 is English dubbed.
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  • @KitkatCat:  I haven't seen the second series of Vampire Knight.  I thought the first series was cheesy but in a good, man-servicey kind of way so maybe I'll watch it soon.

    @Fuzzybut:  AnE is predictable but I like it more than the average shonen.  Strangely enough though, I like the "filler" episodes (the one with the chef demon and the new one) moreso than most of the story episodes.  It's not great but the story has more heart and characters seem more interesting than your average I AM THE HERO FIGHT-O show.

    @Wiggles:  I haven't seen FLCL in a long time, but I loved the crazy designs mixed with the subtle colors.  
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  • I've got a mega-list of anime I need to watch, but I've gotten too lazy to even try. But recommendations?

    Mushishi is my favourite - give the first episode a shot, you'll know if it's your thing.
    Baccano! - don't bother if you don't have the stomach for gore. An action-y fantasy thing with immortals and gangsters in 1930s America on a train. With anachronic order. Yeah. Fun.
    Paranoia Agent? Mind trippy thing with stuff. Err... Satoshi Kon!
    Hikaru no Go. Shonen, with board games and a ghost. Absolutely heart-wrenching at times.
    Monster. Oh my god, Monster. I cannot recommend it enough. Naoki Urasawa is brilliant.
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  • My favorite anime is Rosen Maiden and Rosen Maiden Traumend. They get reviewed as being really shallow, but there's a lot of layers underneath the storyline (and the soundtrack is amazing- and poetic too.)
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  • This season, I'm watching Blood-C, Natsume Yuujinchou (Season 3), and Usagi Drop.  Natsume's typical Natsume (if you've seen the previous seasons, you'll know what I mean), while Usagi Drop is very waffy.  Not quite sure what I think about Blood-C.  I think I really started watching it because it's Blood and Clamp's involved in it.  :P
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  • @ Marebito:  I'm watching Blood C too.  To me, it feels like it wants to be an action/horror show aimed for women but it lacks a lot.  The battle choreography is nice and I like the animation and character designs, but the pacing for the show is terrible (especially since it's only supposed to be 11 episodes).  The characters tend to be either boring or creepy (and not in the good way).  I'm still watching it, but it's definitely not the best thing EVAR!
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  • Try REDLINE (2009) the anime movie. It has amazing animation and fun characters and story to go with that. And to even think I HATE car racing films, I truly enjoyed this and it scores top marks on my list.
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  • Death note and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! Both of them are amazing If you want to watch something that has a bit of everything.
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  • Tiger and Bunny is AMAZING.  I'm loving the hell out of it.
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  • So, I just bought the Baccano! boxed set (for 15 bucks plus shipping) and I'm excited for it to come.  Coincidentally, I have the second volume DVD which I'm willing to sell for a dollar.  It has episodes 5-8.   And I'm wondering if I should get the Gankustuo boxed set or buy all the Lain DVDs individually (since the boxed set is seriously like 100 dollars used and I can buy all the DVDs for less than 10 bucks for the ones I need).  
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  • Just started Mushishi. Quite liking it so far!
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  • I love Ouran High School Host Club :D We saw a few episodes in our Teen Anime Club at school and I just HAD to go look it up! It's definitely one of my favorites :3
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  • @Frederik May I just say that your taste is impeccable? I've loved Mushishi, Hikaru no Go, Monster, AND Baccano! I've also really enjoyed HunterxHunter, as far as recs go; it and Hikaru no Go are two of my favorite shonen series. 

    I've been meaning to watch Durarara! but I haven't made the time. 

    I like my anime subbed, and I've been doing crafts and multitasking when I watch TV these days, which makes it very hard to watch any anime and be fully aware of what is going on. :C
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  • SLAM DUNK :)
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  • Berserk
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  • Possibly an obvious one...but I am completely addicted to Naruto. My bf got me into it and I can't stop watching (in Shippuden now). For others who have seen it...did Kakkasi Uni street that opened today sound eerily familiar to Kakashi? :P
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  • @Haiku:  You should check out Durarara.  It isn't as good as Baccano but it's still pretty good and the series is dubbed on Adult Swim.   I also usually prefer subtitles but if you need some anime goodness and want to multitask, the dub is relatively good.  
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  • Ah, the internet. The only place anyone knows what the hell I'm talking about. I try to get my friends into these things, but they just stare at me blankly and go back to their Maid-sama. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, I suppose.
    I've been meaning to get my hands on the Mushishi and Baccano! box sets for forever. Alas, region 4 is expensive.

    The Tatami Galaxy? It's interesting enough. My interest waned in the middle, but damn if the ending wasn't a cracker.
    Manga: Liar Game. It's a game where you lie! The art's not great, but I read it for the badassery. Gambits ahoy!
    Manga :Yotsubato. Nothing mind-screwy, just slice-of-life. Puts a soppy grin on my face every time.
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  • DEATH NOTE! Kinda creepy but insanely original and good!Vampire Knight & Vampire Knight Guilty- cheesy but good storyline... (I am also reading the comics)POKEMON!!! (Yes, this is anime too!!)- enough said... although Black and White season sucks...
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  • @Alpha-girl: Death Note is wonderful.I've started watching Spice and Wolf.. and it's quite a well done series.
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  • Hetalia! Hetalia! Hetalia!
    and nothing will change my mind.
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  • Wait wait wait. How has no one mentioned Cowboy Bebop yet? Bounty hunters, space and jazz that'll melt your face!
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  • Right now I'm watching soul eater it seems pretty good. I am reading death note but I have to wait for the next book to come into the libary.
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  • Reborn was really good
    Blue drop was good and so sad
    Squid girl was seriously funny
    Chi's sweet home, funny
    Hyate the combat butler, funny
    There others I've seen that I loved, right now I'm watching white album and it's pretty good.
    I love my crunchyroll app
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  • Cowboy bebop has a great sound track. Tank gets me ready to move when ever i need a pick me up.
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