Hope all our East Coast USA/Canada Glitchen are all right.

USGS says 5.9, which is fairly hefty as earthquakes go, though not usually catastrophic:

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  • Yeah I hope everyone's ok. 5.9 might not seem like much if you live in a place where everything is built with earthquakes in mind... but it could be a different story somewhere else... like Virginia.
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  • My uncle lives in Lynchburg, VA. :(
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  • There appear, so far, to be no reports of injuries. But I felt it up here in NYC. Crazy!

    I grew up in L.A., so once I realized it wasn't my washing machine completely freaking out, I realized what it was.

    (When small, I find earthquakes pretty fun.)
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  • (I copied this from the other thread, since that's apparently not where this belongs!)

    I'm in DC, on to top floor of an apartment building.  It was scary!  The whole building shook and swayed. Our stuff fell down and broke, my husband's big TV fell almost on me.  I hid in a door way until it was over, then I grabbed my pets and ran out side. 

    We had to wait until the firemen told us the building was alright before we could go back in.

    The strangest thing is that my tortoise was freaking out before it happened.  We are from Ohio and she reacts just like that to tornados. I actually looked out the window for bad weather!

    My husband is working at the Pentagon today and I haven't been able to get ahold of him. The cell phones are completely overwhelmed.  Rush hour here is going to be crazy. The metro trains are moving slow because the tracks and tunnels must be checked and the highways are slow because the bridges are being checked.
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  • Also, if you felt it please head here and tell the USGS what you felt.  This is important for them to collect info on what happened where:
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  • My first earthquake (live near Annapolis MD, about 45 minutes from Washington DC) and I seriously thought my house was falling down. I could see the walls swaying, but everything seems to be fine, no damage that I could see. Most of the buildings in DC were evacuated and all National Monuments closed for the day. The schools in DC and most of MD were closed for the rest of the day.
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  • I live in Pittsburgh (on a big hill) and although I didn't feel anything, I saw a bunch of my friends on Facebook say they felt it.   I hope all you glitches are OK (and all the non-glitches too).  The Northeast isn't really ready for an Earthquake.  
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  • Feylin, the Penatgon was evacuated and cel service has been disrupted... but apparently just from too many people calling.
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  • Thanks. :)  I'm assuming that they are all just standing around outside, waiting to be counted as part of their emergency drill, and then they'll go back in and he can call on the office phone. 

    I hope he can make it out of the city alright. I think the big problem is going to be rush hour, not the earth quake. Gotta love DC traffic. :/
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  • I live in eastern NC, and I felt it! I was talking to my friend on skype at the time and started flipping out xD
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  • Wow, that must have really been scary, right at/near the epicenter! I'm in New Hampshire, & I felt it. I didn't think much of it, cause we have tiny ones now & then (NH is on a fault line), but then it lasted much longer than I expected, so first thing I did was look at the clock. Haha, I do that whenever anything unusual happens. I'm sure glad everyone is ok, and hope those with damage were insured.
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  • Maryland library with some serious cleanup to do:
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