Your Glitch's name?

What is the significance of your Glitch's name?

I'll start. Mine is a riff on a character in Gulliver's Travels. Transpose two letters and you'll have it. (I was actually rather surprised no one nabbed it before I did.) Or search it in Google; the character's name will come up as the "did you mean?" suggestion.

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  • I've always loved your nickname - it involves giants AND the word glitch!

    I was totally at a loss when I came up with mine - I tried to just channel something interesting. 
    I'm kinda restless, and I have a thing for language... but also, I think I loved the initials.
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  • Mereret is a name used by a few Ancient Egyptian queens and princesses, including one from around the time the pyramids were built.  It means "beloved," as near as I can translate.
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  • It's funny because in every other MMO I've played I have spent a good amount of time crafting characters with names to match.

    With Glitch I've just gone with my usual screen name because I like it and it's appropriate for Glitch as most anything goes. I guess I felt that my Glitchen was more just a Glitch version of me, rather than a whole other character (like an Orc or Hobbit might be).

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  • Thanks, Mereret; I was curious about yours!

    Wiggles, that is indeed an... evocative acronym. ;)
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  • I had no idea what Glitch was like when I joined.   I also had no clever ideas for a name so I just looked at a map of England and saw it there.  By the time I realized what the spirit of Glitch really was, I thought my name was too elvish questy, but I was already known to too many people to change it.  So, much as I would like to have something more slyly and Glitchly clever for my name, Hawkwell it is.
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  • Mine is a "pet name" of a different character I have in an Ironrealms game. Her friends call her "Zi" all the time, or ZiZi- hence, ZeeZee.
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  • When I signed up to the game I just used my real name, but have now changed. I took the first name from a favourite character of mine from a book and picked the surname because I thought it was funny with the first name.
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  • Mine's my aver nav ("other name")- it's not all that common to have anymore, and even less so to tell it to people- generally only one's parents know it- but I'm not super-traditional and lack the superstition necessary to get concerned about it. It translates to Gabriel.
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  • The story of mine goes back to Active World days.  My name was Inanna, after my favorite Sumerian Goddess.  I had one friend that called me Innie as my nickname....seeing as girls are Innies, boys are Outties.

    It stuck.  I have been Innie for at least the past 8 years.
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  • Mine is my online alternate identity. I've been using Kaessa online since I played Asheron's Call. It doesn't have any specific meaning, it's just a modification of a name that came up in a random name generator. I started using it on the forums at IGN's Vault about 10 years ago, and it kind of stuck as "me". I've been using it ever since.
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  • i just LOVE this name! :3
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  • Mine's a nickname my mom gave me based on my initials (jas).  In my family we tend to lengthen rather than shorten for nicknames.  And one wing of my family is Cuban, and we use the diminutives of "ito" and "ita" - but it gets sort of messed up along the way.  So my youngest cousin is "Brian-ito" and I was "jasbo."  Not sure why.  But it works.
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  • Normally I tend to use Jerboa on online games (the few that I do play) or some version of Curls, although it is popular. Neither seem right for the game haha and I, like others, wasn't so creative at the time so went with my real name. Even though jerboas are quite cute :P
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  • I'm not really sure how my name came to be. But I've come up with something.

    sugar is the first ingredient that girls are made of, and the j is the first letter or my real name. I think it looks better with no caps.
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  • I've used Eye Wonder as my online screen name since the MySpace days.
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  • Me, I didn't want to go with the one username I use for a lot of things. But haiku are kind of a personal gimmick of mine, and I was delighted to see that no one else had used it for a username. I really like them and it felt like it matched up with the spirit of a game about imagination. 

    @shipwreck That's actually how I feel, too. Usually I craft characters, but with Glitch I just feel like I'm being me. I like playing around with the vanity a little and making alternate avatars that are less like "me," but then when I'm done I switch her back to something that feels comfy. 
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  • Mine is my clowns name.   Years ago i used to be a professional clown called Juggles, and at some stage the XP just sort of tagged on the end because the username was already in use on some web site. So it has  been JugglesXP for years and years now (at least 12)
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  • I can't remember exactly how I came up with my name. It had something to do with a Monty Python skit that involved the word 'trousers' a lot, which somehow made the word seem extra hilarious.  And it confuses people to find a girl named after pants.

    Some people have told me straight out that I don't know how to spell 'trousers' but in fact it's an archaic spelling (before the spelling was standardised) and I used it because the typical spelling is often taken when signing up to sites.
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  • Mine is a little bit complicated, but bear with me now; I love the musician Jeff Buckley. Also it was the name of my first avatar on another game so thought I'd just stick with tradition. But mostly the first reason :D
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  • flask is just simply my alternate name. it's what it says on the ID bracelet my stepmother made for me. it's the name i use for gameplaying online and in life. i also use my given name, but i've never really liked it and don't think it suits me well.

    so the only places i'm NOT flask are places where i HAVE to use my given name, or with my family. my sister is called "spike". it's what it says on her nametag at work.

    "your father and i", sighs our mother, "gave you NAMES."

    as for where i got it, ever since i was a wee slip of a thing i have liked lab glass. i am not a chemist, but a musician.

    that notwithstanding, i think i was only twelve when i wrote myself a theme song entitled "ehrlenmeyer flask", complete with nonstandard spelling. sometimes if i wish to use a very thin alias, i go by florence flask and once i even used buechner flask.

    either way, it's easier to sign/type "flask", so mostly i just go by that.
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  • An old nickname (yes, spelled this way) from High School. I appropriated the username "Skwidspawn" for use on the internets when I joined AOL Instant Messenger back in 1996. 
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  • It's neat to hear how your glitchnames came into being! Thanks for sharing!

    I thought about using an existing character name from another game, but decided to go with a new one. My names are usually rather serious and romantical or Latinate (e.g. Abhelica Rose, Inari Thurisa, Nevare Moore), so it was time to go in another direction.

    I thought about using "Fellatia", because it makes me laugh, but "Voluptua" seemed more playful and, well, curvy. The last name was going to be "Sneezebuckets", but there weren't enough spaces available for "Sneezelips" it was. And I'm glad. :)
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  • @ Voluptua Sneezelips: Thanks for the explanation! I've actually wondered where yours came from after seeing you in-game.
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  • Hee...yr welcome. :)

    I saw someone named Barb E. Dahl the other day, which is pretty great. In another game I play, I was delighted to see someone called Andover Fisk. So neat to see the variety out there, and to hear the stories behind them.
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  • VS, your name has always reminded me of "Life of Brian"

    "Her name... is In-con-tinentia.  Incontinentia Buttocks!"
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  • Irie means to be at total peace with your current state of being.  That is my goal.
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  • I could use the clever answer and say it's a play on the Spanish diminutive form of my name - I had someone ask me that - but alas, I lack that kind of creativity. I've been playing forum-based roleplays for years, and after about a two-year hiatus I joined a new site and chose Lita as my character's name for some god-forsaken reason that has nothing to do with my Sailor Moon fangirl tendencies whatsoever. <_< Anyway, people on the site started calling me Lita and variations therein, such as Pita, LitaPita, and my favorite LitaPie. The nickname Lita has stuck for years now, so I thought I'd use LitaPie as my name here. It's short, cute, and it just sounds like who I am for some reason.
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  • Sheepy is just my real nickname, and has been for about 15 years. It started in the 8th grade, when I shaved my head on a dare (and kept it shaved for 8 years--so I was "shorn") and a friend told me my given name meant "female sheep." And I might have had an obsession with llamas which, I realized, were just sheep with long necks.
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  • I object in the name of llamas everywhere!!!  They have no relation or affinity with sheep whatsoever, though they have no problem with sheep being sheep.  They are *CAMELS* with very small humps.  But size doesn't matter, it's all about how you use it.  And they can spit twice as far, so there!
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  • Now I'm surprised there's no glitch named Llama Llama Duck...
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  • Mine is because I baking is my thang. And cupcakes are even more my thang.
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  • I didn't want to use any of my existing internet aliases. Frederik is a cool name. No significance. If you like, you may call me the Crown Prince of Denmark.
    I kind of wish I used badger instead (one of my real nicknames). Alas.
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  • You can change your name if you don't like it any more. Click on "Account" at the top of any out-of-game screen, then look toward the bottom for the name-change blank.
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  • I've been through a lot over the past few years, and lately I started keeping two journals as a writing exercise: Cerva and Hyaena, Deer and Hyena. In essence, it's the two halves that make the whole of my personality, but in a broader sense, an exercise for the book I'm working on. (And maybe just a little to help me work out some issues.)

    I'm pathologically shy by nature. When I use the "Hyaena" name, it's a little easier for me to be more open and less reserved. Under "Cerva", I'd be running away. If any of that makes sense.

    Well, maybe it will whenever I finish this damn book.
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  • @Clumdalglitch - I saw that earlier, but thought it said 100 credits. D'oh. Oh well, badger's already taken anyway.
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