Airing of Grievances

Hi there,

I noticed that there isn't a thread for this purpose so I started one. I'll air my first grievance.

Recently, someone stole my front license plate and replaced with someone else's license plate. I reported my plate missing and received a new one. I got a letter in the mail the other day from the city with some toll charges. At first, I thought I somehow ran the toll and forgot to pay a few times. However, I realized the date was from after I received my new plates. Now I have to dispute the toll charges. I really hope that they'll be able to find the person who stole my license plate. I also hope that they haven't committed any other crimes while using my plate.

What are your grievances?

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  • I don't have any grievances, but I do not like yours one bit. That sucks. Bummer. Hope everything works out easier than you'd expect.
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  • Jeez, that is pretty messed up. I hope nothing else has happened with your stolen plate.

    I like the idea of a thread like this, since games like this are such a nice way to escape un-fun things in real life for a while. I don't have any super-awful grievances right now, but last week was the first of the new semester for me, and for the most part all of my new classes look really promising. But on Thursday in my last class, the professor really rubbed me the wrong way. I left feeling kind of poorly and like I wouldn't be appreciated for my input in discussion... But Glitch was open, and just running around for a little while cheered me up.

    I'm worried that Glitch will be the undoing of me this semester, with how much time I would LOVE to be spending in game. I'm also starting to think it might keep me from going crazy, though. It's a great de-stressor. 
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  • My neighbors are loud, cars go fast in my neighborhood, I'm not even 30 yet.

    As a postscript, I'll be starting a Feats of Strength thread.
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  • I'm working on Labor Day. Grar.

    (But on the plus side, I've finished what I meant to finish, so Imma go take a bike ride now.)
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  • My neighbors are still firing bottle-rockets. In September. At roughly 2 am. Every night. They also have a cockatoo that they stick outside on a perch that screeches for hours on end, and that I would dearly love to fricassee and feed to a dog (or just feed to a dog).
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  • OH mans.  Hong Kong is like one long game of Carmageddon.  I'm convinced every minibus driver (and there are a LOT) gets a day off if they get a GURUNGA or something.  People are seriously hostile about it and I seem to be the only pedestrian who fights back.  I very nearly got in a fistfight with a delivery van driver the other day over it.  How dare I cross the street when he is endangering children?
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  • @Flirty - The nerve!
    Wichita KS is pretty bad too. I used to think NYC had the worst drivers of any place I'd lived- it's not true. The worst drivers I've encountered are redneck townies in needlessly huge duellies racing to the liquor store after the closing whistle at whatever factory they work in blows.
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  • I have now been back at college for a week and have not received my SIX stored boxes from the summer. So, amongst other important missing items, I have been sleeping on a dorm mattress with no pad or anything (fortunately had sheets) and with one of those mooshi pillows as opposed to a real one. And you cannot contact the company, the only way is by email which they respond to about half of. I would highly suggest never using box my dorm!
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  • Flirty, I am convinced that half the population of Baltimore has a death wish - you wouldn't believe how common it is for someone to step out into the middle of the street, not looking (often still talking to a friend on the sidewalk), only to express apparent ASTONISHMENT that there are cars which might run them over!
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  • I have these 3 punk ass kids that live next door to me (father is a marine, mother is a nurse.....however they are mean as hell and usually hit the kids....). They are constantly putting stuff under my tires, if my windows are cracked the put things in my car, they ring my door bell and run off (like I wont know its them), many times have tried to knock down my mailbox with a crow bar......they are out of control. And get this, they are ages 6, 8, and 11.  I am so sick of them!

    I never thought I would ever reach a point of really being on the verge of hating any kids, until them.  I would love to get their parents involved in this, but I dont want them to be hit over it.  Its really a tough situation, and its driving me nuts!

    We are installing a camera system to record them, so that if anything happens to our property, we have proof of how it happened. *sigh*
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  • Wow... those are roughly the same ages as my kids (6,8, and 10), and I'm pretty sure there'd be Hell to pay if I ever got wind of them doing stuff like that.
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  • What socially irresponsible parents, turn them into CPS.  Hitting your kids so others are aware of it is illegal.  Hitting compared to discipline are two complete different items.
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  • My room mate has absolutely no sense of boundaries or personal space and feels that I must hear in detail about every one of her sexual encounters. Fun...
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  • I think my mid-length bike trips (12-20 miles) may be why the ankle I sprained five weeks ago still hasn't healed completely.

    Well, dang. I LIKE my mid-length bike trips. And it's just starting to be perfect biking weather, too.
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  • @Jeff Buckley 

    My old roommate was disgusting. She used my bath products including my body sponges to shower. The worst thing she ever did was walking around naked with her bf in my room looking for condoms as if I just have them out in the open. I caught them in my room. It was so gross. 
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  • @lala512


    Some people seriously have no concept of what is and isn't acceptable when sharing a house with other people. 
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  • You want a grievance!? I've give you a grievance. After walking 10 blocks in the pouring rain to the station, sitting the 40 minute train ride, walking another 3 rainy blocks to Barnes and Noble, walking around and browsing for an hour, and taking my books to checkout...

    I found out my gift card was void. And I was cash-less.

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  • My house mate while having one of her usual whinge fest to me, this time about having to spend time with a friend (oh no! how very awful), decided to do the whole fake hanging yourself gesture twice throughout the conversation. This when she is fully aware that my uncle committed suicide recently by hanging himself. Can I please punch her for being such an insensitive cow who is completely incapable of thinking about something or someone other than herself?

    I honestly don't know if I can handle seeing her face again today.
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  • JB, te absolve punch-o.  But it might be better if you calmly asked her to stop miming suicide when that is a hurtful subject with you.  And avoid her in whinge-mode thereafter.  

    And oh, btw, if she pulls the whole, "Just KIDDING - so SENSITIVE" or other passive-aggressive crap designed to let her out of the consequences of her own behavior?  I've learned there is no talking to that sort of person (I might follow up with, "No.  Wrong answer.  The right answer to learning you've injured someone is, 'I'm sorry.'"  But I also might not even invest that much energy in someone who appears to be a black hole of self-regard).  

    I usually just shut those people out of my life entirely - it's drastic (in some cases) but it sure works.
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  • Yeah, I wish I could cut her out, but her living across the hall from me doesn't so much help. Attempting to avoid her just doesn't work. Oh well, a few more months then I can move out.
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  • JB,just put your foot down: Say "No! Bad dog! Basket!" hmm,that usually works... ;)
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  • Well, 3 months isn't too long (though it probably feels like forever just now).  Then you can be shut of her permanently if you like, I imagine.
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  • Sounds good Scilly :D
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  • sick. AND away on vacation.
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  • aww, flask, that's not fair, is it?
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  • poor flask. That's horrible. 

    I had to spend most of yesterday with my in-laws, listening to them discuss books in an "intelligent way". For most of the dinner and the ride home. (3 + hours) I had to listen to an in detail discussion of Wheel of Time, Song of Ice and Fire, Malazan Book of the Fallen and stupid bloody WoW. 
    My OH who knows how MUCH I hate WoW and Wheel of Time, just continued the conversation with his evil twin (actual, not figment) because he couldn't find a way to change the subject.
     I've already been forbidden to ever tell Evil Twin to shut up. 
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