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What do you use the little pocket in your jeans for?

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  • I keep a lucky dollar bill folded up in there in every pair. Just a superstition I guess.
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  • I keep my favourite lint!
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  • Decoration. 
    I tried putting my lighter in there once, but because I don't have tiny fingers the size of tweezers, I couldn't get it out again.  I had to take my jeans off and squeeze the lighter back out of there. Not very practical for public use lol
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  • Years ago when I was a teen, I kept a tiny troll doll in there with it's head sticking out.
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  • lol where is the +1 button when you need it? +1 Ebil that made me laugh (i'd done that before)
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  • I tend to keep important stuff - small bills, taxi recipts, notes and cards... and then forget about them. They become lint, later, when they go to the laundromat. :P
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  • Pocket watch. I call it Basil.
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  • Put my car key in there when I'm in public places and don't want my car keys pick-pocketed. I'm a little paranoid about that after I ran into some gypsies in Spain a while back. Being "gypped" is not racist. At least not if you're me.
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  • That is amazing Frederik.
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  • I keep a spare Flexi-8 hair pin, except I usually have my hair in a messy pile-up with one already, so the pocket one is just, you know..ridin'...
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  • Some spare molecules. That's about all that fits.
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