[lament] Look at what the pickle did to me!

Take a look at what the evil, little, bouncy, "Special Item that only Beta Testers Get" did to me! --> click here <--

He teleported me inside a hill in this street. I couldn't see my avatar at all, but when I tried to move to the left, the screen view moved to, so I kept doing that until I got out of the hill, with only my head sticking up out of the ground. I don't know if this was intentional, or just a bug, but either way it was rather hilarious.

Any other good pickle stories?

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  • That's hilarious.  It looks a bit like the game of crowns bug that left emilisha (I think) below street level on kavaan, except that you could see the whole glitch and not just the head, so of course everyone followed her down there and continued the party.

    My pickle didn't even make me moonwalk, just the beaning sneezies and random teleportation.  :(
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  • Yep, emilisha experienced a bug after coming back from a race and spawned under the street in Kaavin Kit :) So much fun!

    I can't wait to see what else my pickle does; all it's done for me is bounce wildly.
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  • That happened to me too, Shepherdmoon! :-D But I got a send-bugreport-error-thingy-dialog, so maybe it is a bug. But it was fun!
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  • Glad to hear it wasn't just me, Waffle. I didn't have an automatic bug report open up, though. Looking at the picture again made me thing that it resembles a situation where someone cruelly buried me in the ground with only my head sticking out, waiting for the Rook to come and peck my eyes out...
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  • By the way, I was able to moonwalk, but noticed that using the arrow keys doesn't work: you have to use the mouse instead. The buff doesn't last very long, so you have to be quick.

    EDIT: also, if you get the "comedian buff" from the pickle and type something in local chat, it forces everyone around you to laugh...
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  • It also gives the message "Shepherdmoon just said something hilarious.  Everyone around laughs riotously" or something like that.  The first time I saw it was when I came onto the Global Chat 2.0 street and I thought it was something that was built into the architecture of the street, so it looked like everything we did was just awesome.
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  • I got tossed under the floor in Ilmenskie Level 2E from the party at marcm's house-

    Spying on the Meal-Vendor

    I couldn't get out briefly, but then I was able to jump up to floor-level.
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