I'm in Chicago!

...In Midway airport, waiting to board the flight to St. Louis (visiting my aunt as my birthday present :D)

Are YOU in Chicago? Have I passed you and not even known it!? (P.S. I'm the short blonde one who has sprinkles and frosting on her head. Hard to miss.)

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  • Happy birthday, Cupcake! :D (or happy early or belated, if it's not today :p)

    I'm not near Chicago though, haven't been near for a few years.
    Posted 9 years ago by Millie Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Waiving hands like crazy, Have a safe trip :)
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  • Happy Birthday! :D   
    I hope the trip goes well for you :)
    Posted 9 years ago by Ebil Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Happy Birthyday, Cakey :)
    Posted 9 years ago by malo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Hippo Birdies!
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  • Sheepy :D

    Hippo Birdy Two Ewes! to Cupcake!
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  • OMG, you totally passed me by! (I was heading to class, though.) Make a long layover on your way back so we have an excuse for another Chicaglitchen party!

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  • Happy belated b-day from a real Chicagoan. lol
    Posted 9 years ago by Some_Random_Guy Subscriber! | Permalink