A good starter song

One of my favorite things to do is listen to music when I play (rock of course). I've been trying to think of a perfect song to listen to when I first start the game. Something involving beginnings would be nice.

Any suggestions?

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  • Well, don't listen to Aenema lol.
    ...I honestly can't think of any that aren't supremely cheesy, tbh. I'd probably start with Cygnus... Vismund Cygnus by the Mars Volta off the album Frances the Mute- it's not a song about beginnings, but it builds nicely and sounds like a beginning, anyway (and isn't "We've Only Just Begun" by the Carpenters). I'll probably start with Otacon by Reso, but that's not really rock by any stretch of the imagination. That, or Szamar Madar by Venetian Snares.
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  • "Venetian Snares" sounds like a Glitch street name...
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  • lol Yeah, it sorta does... never thought of it that way.
    That whole album (Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett) is pretty good (but often on the downer side)- took the guy 4 years to put together (IIRC), since he wanted to learn the violin well enough to play it on the album himself.
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  • Wailin' Jennys, "Bright Morning Stars" or "Beautiful Dawn." I love me some Jennys.
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  • Theremina Lute's tale on "This Land is Your land" is a wonderful Glitchy tune:
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  • Gogol Bordello - Ultimate ("There were never any good old days/They are today, they are tomorrow/It's a stupid thing we say/Cursing tomorrow with sorrow")
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  • @Hyaena - Gogol Bordello's always worth a +1 in my book :)
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  • @Djabrill - Ha! Last time I saw them live, I ended up in an epic game of tug-o'-war with Eugene Hutz over my Romani flag during "Baro Foro". It went on forever, and it was kind of embarrassing.

    At the very end -- after parading it around on his shoulders, quizzing Pittsburgh about the origins of the flag, and playing a solo third encoure (which my city never thanked me for) -- he gave it back, and he was actually really nice about it. Unfortunately, my bedroom smelled like Hutz Funk for two days after.

    Yeah. Gogol Bordello. Never a bad time at their shows.
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  • lol awesome. I haven't seen them since the Brooklyn Gypsy Festival in'05. I'm also Romani (Kale and Kalderash, some Rushka), so I've gotta support 'em and give 'em props for making the overall culture and concept of being Romani something you can bring up without a lot of talk about crystal balls and palmistry.
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  • Hey! I'm Ursari myself. (Actually, I just started the "RomaniGlitch" group earlier this evening.) I was hoping I wasn't the only one on here. 

    Yeah, totally. Mr. Hutz is tireless in making us appear, you know, human and not some stereotype. In his own insane way, of course. But that's his crusade, and I salute him. 
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  • Somebody else who's really helped that along has been Dusan Ristic (from Zona B and Kal), who founded the Amala School in Serbia... he teaches a couple different Romani dialects via Skype and has a brick-and-mortar cultural school that allows outsiders to come for immersion studies.
    I actually thought I mighta been the only one... lol glad I'm not! :)
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  • Are you serious? The majority of what I know of the language is what I remember from childhood, and over the past few years, I've been trying to learn the language. It's been coming slowly, and I think I'd be much better at the syntax end if I could hear conversation instead of just people singing it. (I can pretty much be trusted to sing the language. Which, in a sense, isn't all that strange: Sometimes, when stroke victims lose the capacity for speech, they can sometimes partially regain it through song, but can never speak again without melody. That's most likely because the language centers are close to or flat-out tangled up with the musical centers -- we're not quite sure yet. And sorry, but I have a bit of a neuro background and I work in MRI, so I get a bit carried away with the science stuff sometimes.) 

    But, yeah. This is something I would totally be interested in. The Skype thing, I mean. That's so incredibly awesome.

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one, either. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one in the world. Pittsburgh isn't exactly known for their Roma population, and my whole family is all the way back home. A lot of them are in denial over our family roots, anyway, even though our traditions (and noses) are painfully obvious, and I was never allowed to talk about our origins. 
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  • A lot of us pass themselves off as Hispanic (especially the Kale, as they already have the Spanish to make it believable). Much of my language is cobbled together phrases from various books (in jumbled dialects), since I didn't grow up in a family that used it. I met a lot of my "old-country" family in Spain when I was in the Navy, then later on when I went to a (huge) family reunion among the more traditional (and less self-loathing) end of my family. The town I live in (Wichita KS) has a decent-size Roma population, but a lot of the connotations to that are negative, since the major family is basically the local organized-crime syndicate. A lot of the Roma I'm related/linked to are more open about it than many, so I consider myself fortunate in that regard.

    The only thing that's kept me from taking the course is the expense (it's only 200 bucks for a 3-month, 12-lesson course, but still)... he teaches Kalderash as one of the dialects, though, so I'm thinking of going ahead with it once Christmas is over with.

    ETA- we should continue this in the group so we don't hijack this poor person's thread lol.
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  • The Muppet's Green Album, and They Might Be Giants.

    Some Jonathan Coulton as well.
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  • For me, probably some Chris Whitley. Either Wide Open Return, or New Lost World.
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  • +1000 to Hyaena and Djabriil for Gogol Bordello. Had never heard of them before and I'm now smitten. I wonder what they'd sound like in a duet with the Secret Chiefs 3...
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