I was soooo absorbed in post reset gameplay yesterday that I nearly didn't want to go to bed, and the first thing I did this morning was to rush to the computer to start learning ma new skillz when....


They warned me but I overlooked it. In my mind my rare 3 day weekend had already been reserved for mad cooking, spice farming in Ix, social dirt digging and maybe just maybe getting me a crib with a garden.

This dream is gone now.

As stated:


Oh and big respect to the devs. I havn't been so excited by a game since I first played Portal. 

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  • heh, I have the house to myself this weekend and was looking forward to glitching it up to the MAXXX...  Now I'm quite excited cos I can catch  up on the other brain-sinks I've been neglecting recently
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  • I'll be honest, Ive been Glitching while I should have been working so this is a slightly welcome rest for me lol
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  • What a letdown -- I was expecting the announcement of a new street, Fartknocker Falls, or the like.
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  • I've been playing during work, so it was probably a good thing.  I'm a primary school teacher, and there is only so much silent reading you can get your class to do.
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  • Get them to play sleeping lions,  that's what they used to do to us when they wanted extra quiet time.
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  • Is that the same as dead fish?
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  • I would totally buy a house at Fartknocker Falls.
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  • Just don't fall into the falls.

    Our teachers made us rest our heads on the desk, god only knows what the hell she was up to.

    Cuban missile crisis our teachers had us hide under our desks, a lot of good that would do if hit by a nuclear missile.  What in the world were they thinking, oh I remember hide under the desk until you could go home and find your family in the backyard underground nuclear fall out shelter. 

    What drugs did the doctors give our parents and teachers back then?
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  • @xen, I've been glitching while I should be sleeping, so I'm planning to catch up on some much needed rest.  I've been staying up super-late playing--I know I've overdone it when the California players start saying that it's getting late and they have to go.  Yet somehow, I've been waking up before my alarm clock goes off in the morning, and instead of rolling back over and going to sleep, I think "ooh, maybe I can get a quest accomplished before I have to get ready for work!"  I think I may be addicted.
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  • @xoxJulie I remember that "duck and cover" how funny.
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  • game opens again on monday- maybe I can invent a cuban-missile-esque crisis to keep kids under their desks for the day.  If i start working on it now, i should have it looking pretty legit by monday...
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  • I checked my e-mail before work and was able to crate an account, but my browser was being annoying and wouldn't let the game load so I figured I'd  try after work... But it was closed by the time I got home D: Will just have to wait until Monday, it isn't that long to wait (okay it is, but I can be patient).
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