The Glitch Marching Band and Kazoo Revue

For those of you who were only following a certain forum thread for the marching band plans... 

We have:

On the trombone! flask
On the ukulele! jasbo
On the piano! Menoboo
On the whistle! DaveJohn
On.... any number of instruments!   Theremina Lute!
On the harmonica!  Sheepy!
On... other instruments that jasbo couldn't scan a huge thread fast enough for!  YOU!

As flask said, 

let's make a virtual band! you've seen those things on youtube where a group of people all record tracks to the same song separately and then someone cuts them together into an ensemble?like this?we could have a music box and march together through the streets of groddle while playing it for everyone in the street!

Who's with us?

ETA: On... the dog? Innie!


On the accordion! The Cat Face!
On the hurdy-gurdy!  Cefeida!


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  • Hey, you forgot me and my dog!
    Posted 8 years ago by Innie?, Obviously Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Well, now you're puttin' on the dog, Innie...
    Posted 8 years ago by jasbo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I'll clap and cheer!
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  • I haven't got enough hands to play them all! I could play the flute or guitar and make nice noises, or I could make deep, loud farting noises on my post-horn. Which would you prefer?
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  • I will be the audience with Windborn
    Cuz ya know, you cannot have a band without an audience. 

    (yes technically you can,,, but then you're just practicing.)
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  • I'm a professional audio engineer and technician.  I can record the band's music.  :D
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  • My dad's got a barn - let's put on a show!

    Seriously, people.  We can do this.  We have the technology.  We have the skills.  We have the silliness.

    What will be our first tune?
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  • ....Can I be a groupie? Marching band...rock band...close neough... My triangle was crushed, so  now it's a square, and I like to think outside of boxes. 
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  • ok, ok. first we need a piece to play.

    if it's a song, we can make a choir, too.

    then somebody writes it out or records it and post s it somewhere that people can download .

    you download it and then make your own recording of you playing or singing on your chosen instrument and send it to our engineer to multitrack it and then we send the finshed recording to TS and BEG for a musicblock.

    from there it's just easy to march up and down street playing the block for people.
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  • You-all make me want to pull out my violin for the first time in...hmm...21 years, except I think it's at my mother's house. So I will watch the parade and clap madly from the sidelines.
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  • A marching band is boring without a colorguard.  I will happily spin flags or rifles or sabres for you.
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  • i would love to join and add some very very very basic accordion.
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    I play awesome applause.
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  • OH MY GOD! Does anyone realize what's happening? The-thread-that-must-not-be-named (Harry Potter references anyone?) is having little thready babies!

    This thread is a direct child of the thread. We must put a stop to this! Kill the thread!


    PS: All craziness aside, I'm much looking forward to playing my whistle. :) Menoboo needs to send it to me though. :(
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  • I'll watch from over here with WindBorn and Tene.

    I'll bring the funnel cakes.
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  • @DaveJohn, I'll need your address to send you the whistle, IM me when the game starts and I'll send it to you!
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  • Oh, DaveJohn, this is far from the first thread that has been spawned off that other one.

    This one too, probably.  Oh.  And this one, almost certainly. 
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  • Okay, I guess I need to go bug my instrument maker about that hurdy gurdy again. He keeps saying he's got it on the workshop, but...
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  • I should also add that I have a tenor uke and play it badly.  Other flavors of uke (or other tenor ukes) are more than welcome.
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  • ...and despite the thread's name, we have yet to have a kazoo-player volunteer.
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  • My uke is a soprano apparantly jasbo but like I said I only got it today and never played before so my contribution might be a bit jackoff .... I'm willing to try ?
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  • All jackoff contributions welcome.  I've only had mine a couple months.  I still don't play it well or practice often enough to play it well, but it's the second-easiest instrument I've ever tried to play (first easiest: the recorder).
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  • the recorder :) now that brings back memories!  "oh when the saints" and "london's burning" 
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  • Okay - first whack at a song.  It's in 3/4 so not exactly marching band material.  But for anyone who would like to waltz with me, here it is (it's pretty easy to play on the uke, too... for anyone who cares).

    ETA: I haven't sung for realsies for production in decades.  Be gentle with me.


    What'll I do... when Ur is closed and dark 
    And I am pooped
    What'll I do?

    What'll I do... when devs go lev'ling up
    And points accrue
    What'll I do?

    What'll I do with just a forum thread
    To vent my jonesing to?

    When I'm alone with only dreams of Ur
    That won't come true
    What'll I do?
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  • Love it, jasbo. Thanks!
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  • I want to be in the marching band.  I have a pickle-oh.

    Actually, I've got a midi keyboard and a TX81Z synth.  They're in storage, but if I dig them out I should be able to come up with a track that sounds like a woodwind or reed of some kind.
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