What's your passion?

Outside of Glitch, of course.

I have a few passions but I love to feed people - to cook tasty things and shower my friends with geek cooking love. Geek Gastronomica.  And it's what I've been working on while Glitch is down.

It's what I cook when I have nothing else to do - or a lot of other things to do but I happen to feel like cooking instead. It's everything from Roasted Pumpkin and Sage Risotto to Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes filled with Salted Caramel Sauce.

So...tell me now...what's your passion?? 

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  • Electronica production, coffee, Roma rights, prehistoric archaeology, and urban exploration.
    The risotto sounds delicious, btw :)
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  • Books and cats. 

    I love books and more books. I love the way they look, the way the covers are designed. I can tell most of the time what books an author has written or the title of the latest. 
    I would live in a bookstore, despite the fact I work in a public library. 

    As for cats, if  I was allowed to have more than two, I so totally would. They are the best animals ever. Their personalities are so similar to humans it's ridiculous. I love how big cats and house cats have the same mannerisms. It looks so darn cute to see a jaguar play with the tail of another jaguar. or clean his face. 
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  • @Tene, have you seen this yet?  Aside from the massive paws, I was most struck by how exactly like my cat he is.

    I am also a lover of books, books, books.  Also a librarian.  I've been known to kiss books when I'm finished reading them if they're really good.

    I really love to sew, and I wish that I could go back to school for fashion design, not so much to make a career out of it, but just so that I could really learn pattern-making.  I've made a few simple things of my own design, but nothing that really took a great deal of skill.  I'd love to be able to just make a pair of pants or a jacket without Simplicity or Vogue to help me.
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  • My friends and my family are my passions in life. 
    Baking things for friends and family to eat, mostly cakes and desserty type things. 
    I think I secretly want them all to get fat, so I get to be the skinny one xD  
    Seriously though, I find cake making relaxing. I just wish I was artistic enough to decorate them all fancy like, or even just fancy enough to not look like a 4 year old frosted it o_o 
    Plus there's that lovely warm feeling you get from feeding other people... and that's not just when there's a hole in the oven mitts.    Just a nice thing to watch people appear to enjoy something you've created. 
    I like cooking too, but I'm surrounded by fussy people (including myself, in fact I'm probably the fussiest eater I know), so cooking a main meal that everyone will eat and enjoy is kind of painful.  

    I like to look after those that matter to me. Cleaning, cooking, tidying... I'm just a frustrated house husband really! If work and my computer addiction didn't get in the way, I'd quite happily just do stuff around the house and make sure everyone that matters is fed, cleaned and watered lol  

    I guess I'm kind of boring, as almost all my passions in life revolve around my family and friends. The only thing I have that's not to do with them is the internet really. 
    ...maybe that's why I spend so much time online? lol
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  • OMG, Varekai! That video made me realize that my cat's pretty normal. xD  He uses his hind legs to fight all the time. 
    Sometimes, I read a book from work and then I immediately go to the bookstore to buy it if its really good. 

    But Ebil, you are not boring. No one is ever boring. You say your passion is family and friends. That's awesome and you can cook.  Even better.
     Wanna cook for me?? Lol
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  • Ooh, Ebil, you know what a great cake decoration is that doesn't take a huge amount of skill to do?  Fresh berries!  A couple of times, I've made a simple angel food cake in bundt pan and just put berries in all of the ridges and stuff that the bundt pan made, and people just oohed and aahed over it.  And the hardest thing about it was washing the berries!
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  • Ah Ebil!! Another person who loves to cook!! How fantastic!!

    My patience with decoration is very slim at best. I tend toward cupcakes because it's easier for me to decorate a small space. Plus they are easier to transport. I have been learning about crumb coats and things like that but it is a lot of work. I'm sort of the lazy baker. I love presentation but I want the cakes to decorate themselves from what I see in my mind. You should have seen me with the spun sugar this weekend. >.<

    Varekai is right. Berries are awesome decorations.
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  • Collecting old photos.
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  • Ohhhhhhhhh.... so many.

    Literature.  All kinds.  (I'm a librarian - so, duh.)  I've also done some narration work for a friend who wrote a truly amazing series of stories. 

    Music... listening to it and creating it (though I haven't done much creating recently - Glitch has inspired me, but most of my singing has been of the in-the-car-no-I'm-not-crazy-actually variety).  I recently recorded a song for Glitch which (I HOPE) will have a limited shelf life.

    Teaching.  It's also part of my work (am I lucky, or what?!).  

    Knitting... has kind of taken a back burner recently, but I love to wrap people up the way g33kgurrl loves to feed people.  I adore keeping my loved ones warm (literally!).
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  • Computer games. Often when I play a game for the first time I'll spend from a few days to a week playing it practically non-stop until I've completed it (and being a bit of a perfectionist I try to also get every thing that I can done in that first play through too). If the game is really good and has different choices for replays (and/or the wonderful thing that is modding) then I'll also replay it multiple times, but at a more relaxed speed. And I often go back and replay older games when I think of them too. I've been playing computer games for about 20 years now.

    Art. I sketch frequently in my spare time when I don't have access to a computer (lunch breaks, bus stops), and I also like making digital pictures (but they take me forever) and dabbling in a few different traditional media. Recently I've been teaching myself to use markers.

    Linking with the art, I love making up stories (and will then make up/draw the characters in them). I currently have about 14 different ones that I really need to hurry up and start making into something.

    Collecting. I collect anime/game/movie figures, My Little Ponies (yes, you read right :P ), and Ball Jointed Dolls. I keep the collections from getting out of hand by only collecting what I actually like instead of wanting everything.

    And yeah, I'm absolutely besotted with my cats too. 
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  • Jas --- I'm about to dust off the rather ample barrel of yarn I have so I can figure out what to do with it. I am a horrible knitter. I've been crocheting for too long. I tried knitting left handed which made it a bit easier, but it's just so much easier to crochet. 

    And FWIW, I blame jasbo for making me read again. Yes. It's her fault. All hers. And my hubby's for buying me a Kindle for my birthday. Evil hellion spawn the lot of you!
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  • Computer games. Books, mostly fantasy and sci-fi. History and archaeology. Travelling, exploring, museums, historical sites. Postcards. Languages. And like most of you, I love cats. Don't have one at the moment because we recently moved half-way across the world.
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  • I write a lot of weird crap. I whittle away dark hours listening to violins that sound like swarms of angry bees. A lot of my time is spent tangled up in labyrinths of yarn. I'm more often the monster behind the camera instead of the one in front of it. And...guinea pigs and H.P Lovecraft. The two should somehow combine forces.
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  • @Hyaena I'll look forward to reading your stuff!

    @jasbo I will also definitely be listening to your stuff as well.

    It's exciting to see everyone share! I have quite a lot of "passions" but one that's growing right now is Lebanese cooking. I'm of Lebanese heritage so I'm kind of rediscovering the culinary (and a little of the linguistic) aspects of it. It's very cool and I've found a great resource in Chef Kamal.
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  • @Hyaena - Yeah, I do the violin music thing too- I call it Bartok, those around call it "WTF is that noise".
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  • I write. A lot. Haven't been able to concentrate on stories for a long time, so I mainly keep my skills sharp by RPing on message boards. I love comic books, movies, cartoons, and I spend way too much time on the couch. I've gone into a cooking and knitting/crocheting frenzy this summer, always looking for new recipes, because otherwise I'm bound to start a stove fire (you'd be surprised at how many I've started. Once it was a fireball in the oven...) I read, though not as much as I used to, but now that I've said that, I'll probably run off to grab a book. I'm interested in looking up my geneology, but as mentioned in the other forum, mine has been pretty straight forward, so I've had few leads to discover if I'm secretly part martian way down the line (though we all sometimes suspect!)

    I really do want to learn more with the cooking and the crafting, which is why I love Glitch so much, because I've already met people who were so friendly about discussing them with me and helping me to improve.My next mission is to figure out how to use the sewing machine that my loving aunt gave me, without sewing my fingers to everything in sight. I'm great with just a needle and thread, but the last time I touched a machine was when my grandma tried to teach me. I might've played too many driving games in arcades, because it turns out you don't step on the pedal like you're revving up for a race...
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  • I find the same trouble with writing: I love it but I'm busy and when I settle down it's hard to focus on I just play games or watch movies (or read).

    We'll have to have a discussion about how one maintains the habit/discipline of writing!
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  • Lol, I've done it by trying to stick to roleplaying, just because it seems to help when you're writing with people and you've got somebody hounding you for posts. "DID YOU POST YET? DID YOU POST YET? DID YOU POST YET?" If I was doing something alone, I would probably never be able to find the self-discipline, which is probably the biggest reason why I'll never complete some best-selling novel turned movie turned Broadway play turned documentary about my life...
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  • First of all, Varekai has the greatest nick ever. Does it mean anything, beyond being a beautiful spectacle played by the Cirque Du Soleil?

    That said, I'm somewhat obsessed with comparative mythology and religion. I'm quite convinced that below the stories that the different cultures tell to make sense of the world we can learn a lot about what is human and what is spiritual for us. Myths are there to make the world make sense. And since I want things to have sense, mythology is interesting to me.

    Also, I love tabletop roleplaying games, specially when they give the players space to channel their ideas and emotions to the game. I guess that I'd be really into improvisacional theater, but I'm kind of shy, so just doing it with my friends is enough for me. Freeform RPGs done in forums are not for me, though, as lots of people that do it seem to be more interested in being "the main character" in the story, which is kindo of awkward for the rest.
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  • Im really into videogames, to the point that im actually being paid to write about them. I also love comics, anime and weird movies.
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  • My passions are poetry and my partner. My favorite poets are Louise Gluck and Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

    I wouldn't say they're passions, but I too like cooking (I also frost like a four year old), reading (especially science fiction & Jane Austen), mythology, crocheting, and cats (have one; the giant kitty-cat video rocks!). Lately I've been taking classes in CGI & animation, which has been pretty fun.

    I had My Little Ponies when I was little, and found a couple of ancient ones online to give my niece a couple years ago.
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  • @Xyzo, I named myself after the Cirque du Soleil show indeed.  I also like the fact that the word means wherever in Romani.  Number one, I think 'wherever' is a very appropriate handle on the Internet, and number two, I think Romani is a fascinating language.  (Tried learning to speak it with a Pimsleur cd set a few times, but the only words that stick with me are "American" and "Romanian" for some reason.)
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  • @Varekai: But is varekai a romani (of the Roma, aka Gypsy people) or rumanian (of the people who live in Rumania) word? Those are different langauges!
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  • Alas, I don't know enough about either language to say for sure!  I was trying to learn Romanian, even though I've been led to believe that there are so many different dialects that it is almost useless to try to learn, as whatever variation you learn to speak will likely have less than 40,000 speakers, and some dialects only a few thousand.  Not sure of the veracity of that either though, to be honest.

    I forgot one of my least indulged passions--Travel!  I would like to go everywhere.  At this point, I've only traveled to France and Italy (both in a 7 day trip!)  And of course, Canada, but that doesn't count when you live in the northern section of the US.
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  • The places I most want to visit, if I had more income than I'm ever likely to, are England and India. England partly because I'm a general anglophile, but mostly to tour spots in Jane Austen novels :) . India I guess I want to see because of my affinity for Hinduism and Indian English and Indian American movies, and also to see something of the other major branch of Indo-European descent.
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  • I have always had a passion for film and tokusatsu stuff like power rangers/kamen i said you know what why not give it a try and make a cool 5 minute teaser with guys with cool suits. it's still a work in progress but here is the video of the helmet.

    hope it turns out cool, taking it very slow.
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