So, I finally did it.

I finished crocheting Slenderman. I only have a terrible cellphone picture, and Xaotik's apartment is crap for lighting. But still, here he is in all his glory.

Speaking of, are there any Marble Hornets fans on Glitch?

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  • That looks both awesome and TEEERRRIIIFFYYYIIINNNGG!!!!

    ...I sort of want to make one now and hide him at my friend's apartment one day, when he isn't looking...
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  • haha nice!
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  • Thanks, guys. 

    Jia-pop, that's a great idea. Also, I have a question for you. If it's too personal, you don't have to answer, but I've been wondering about it for a while. Are you a sentient bag of popcorn? Because that's what your name leads me to picture.
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  • Well, Hyaena, that is actually a very good question....and I guess it is time for me to come clean....

    I am not here to play Glitch. I am actually a secret agent of the Wonderland Intelligence Agency, investigating a case against the Lollipop Guild of Oz. My assignment has just finished up, which is why I can finally speak, but it's been a long 11 months. My real name is Butterscotch the hedgehog, a now 3 year clean bubblegum addict, who has been undercover as a bag of poprocks disguised as a bag of popcorn, disguised as a roll of bubblewrap, disguised as a Jedi mind-tricking you all to see this as true. Glitch has been part of my cover story during the last phase of my mission, because I believed that the leader of the Lollipop Guild was a big-shot drug lord , peddling his product through Glitch in the form of, not no-no or purple, as I discovered, but pickles. Once I got my hands on the pickle, I was able to force it to teleport me into the office of Tiny Speck and uncover the drug ring that I'd dedicated my life to find, led by none other than the infamous Stootbob du Kukublank,and his many associates (about 38 of them, those tricky fiend...), collectively known as the Gamera Goons once run by the famous Uncle Friendly back in the 60s. For a small gang, they've done massive damage.

    People, if you have a pickle, I suggest you play with it with caution and report the drop of GNG music blocks immediately. This is a very serious matter, because it is a dangerous narcotic drug that will induce drowsiness and feelings of intense happiness and longing, leading to five page thread disputes in the forums and front page ramblings reporting the status of dead animals.
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  • You do realize we've been speculating about this on the conspiracy theory forums (read: Bubble Trees) for a while, right? I mean, the Yeti figures a lot more prominently (a secret assassination attempt on the Rube back in '67) and speculation that the Rook is just a government ploy to keep us all buying war bonds. But yeah, otherwise this isn't a big surprise.
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  • The Rook is actually an  open informant of ours, from a rival gang, that has been helping us investigate the mystery of the giants, who we think are associated with the Gamera Goons. Who are these giants that lack their own encyclopedia page? What do they want with all of our donations? These attacks by the Rook and his lackeys are really busts, where we hire them after a hint that a giant may be up to something. That Humbaba has been especially tricky. We haven't caught anything yet, but we're bound to find something one of these days. None of this is too classified, so don't fear for your life too much. We've been working on this for years already, and our PR team thinks the public needs to stay informed.
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