Good morning glitchen, it's Monday!

Where I'm from it has actually been Monday for 8 hours and 33 minutes, and the game is still closed!

Everybody is waiting with anticipation, and I'm sure everybody know exactly what the first thing they'll do once they get in. I'm going to go and find some egg trees so I can make my rock some omelets, what will your first adventure of the week be? 

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  • Where abouts are you from? It's been Monday here for almost 19 hours :D
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  • Denmark :)
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  • I'm in England, 10:30am and I'm more than ready for Glitch to open again :D
    First thing I'm going to do in game is check on my piggies! I hope that George Clooney  and Hugh Jackman piggies haven't turned into piles of meat!  If they haven't, they'll get petted and fed :D
    Then I'll say hi to everyone in groups and then I'll hit the harvesting and the shrines :D  
    I intend to overdose on harvesting and donating :D   
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  • 5:06 am Monday morning, here...hoping the opening comes earlier than normal :D

    I plan on learning teleportation 1st thing while I start blending earthshakers!

    WooHoo! I am so ready to Glitch out!!
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  • Ahh that's awesome Ben!
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  • You early birds it's 4:01 California time, just woke up for glass of water.  Back to sleep see you when it's really morning,  here that means the sun has been up for a couple of hours.  Coffee is ready to be made and you've brushed your teeth.  10:30 ish to 11:00.  Drink coffee, quick shower, dress and now the day can begin.  Earliest game time can't possible happen until after then, nobody is up and thinking and if they up and about their brains aren't.  LOL
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  • xoxJulie you haven't met my kids yet they are up at the VERY crack of dawn wanting breakfast oh...6ish they don't have school until 9 so why am I being tortured??? Because they were up watching cartoon and now they are hungry...I try and throw pop tarts at them but no...they want chocolate chip pancakes....and sausage....I need COFFEE......darn
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  • As a late-comer to Beta, I have been racing, racing, racing at every opportunity. Today I'm going to stroll through the lands and take my time doing it!
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  • It's 10:47 am in Philadelphia, and my first order of business is to go donate a lot of stuff to Lem so I can get my Lemblem and start on Better Learning 3.  Of course, I have to work from 1-6 today, so I'm probably not going to be here right at opening, but it gives me something to look forward to after work!
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  • Varekai wrote: Lemblem

    <3 that neologism! did you make it up or is it already common and I've just not heard it before?
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