Ideas for responding to reckless accusations of trolling

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This thread was originally titled simply "Reckless accusations of trolling."
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One of many things that might make people feel unwelcome, including other people who see it happening, even if they are not targeted.

I imagine it would do nothing but harm to try to stop people from doing it.

My suggestion is not to respond to it at all, even to dispute it. In my own experience, when I've been maligned in forums, seeing people arguing with my detractors did not help me at all. In fact it made me feel even more alone. What helped me was friendly responses to my posts.

ETA: Other ideas about how to respond are welcome here.

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  • I think you're just trolling with this thread...
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  • Ferond, you know, while you clearly mean well,  this is so vague that it doesn't help at all. A snippet of thought like this would be better off in your 'Closet' thread.  Remember how you asked about meta threads? This one is perfect for starting a long argument based on rumours. People will come in here asking 'what, when, how did this happen, who are you talking about?', before you reply, someone will make an assumption and accuse another player, camps will form...

    So while I don't think you're trolling, you LOOK like you are. Really. Especially since you have a very similar thread on kindness in this same forum, and you have a tendency to make a LOT of vague threads.

    Just my opinion, of course, I'm not a mod, dev, or any authority.
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  • @Cefeida: I'm glad you see that I mean well! And clearly so, even better!

    My response to your post would be off topic in this thread. I'll respond to you in one or more of the other threads, in a few days, after I do some practicing.

    ETA: On second thought, is there anything in your post that you'd like me to respond to? Would you like me to try to help you understand what the threads are about that I've started, and my reasons for putting them in separate threads? If you just wanted to let me know that what I'm doing might look like trolling to some people, and help me understand why, thank you.

    To respond to some questions I see implied in your post, for anyone who might want to know, I've seen some people in the forums objecting to reckless accusations of trolling. This thread is addressed to them, and to anyone else who has seen it and might have ideas about how to respond, or who might be interested in my ideas about it.

    If you tell me which of the other threads I've started seem vague to you, and why, I'll try to clarify those too.

    @shexycorin: Cute!
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