off topic?

I don't understand what off topic means exactly.

I recently read a post someone made about a production they are doing within the game and a dev came in to say it was off topic.  But it's in the game?  So to me, that counts as general.

So, why would a production within the game be considered off topic when someone's quest to destroy all spice trees or save them all or whatever wouldn't be?  They both seem to involve multiple players within the game doing something glitchy or glitch-like.  

I took off topic to mean, not having anything to do with the game in any way shape or form, but you want to talk about it with other glitch players.  Like a thread about the Yankees, to me, that would be off topic.  
I can't find any clear definitions posted anywhere.  

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  • "Off topic" would be: a meta-discussion about "what counts as offtopic in the forums?" ;)
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