Metal Machine

Category: Machines & Fuel


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State Filesize Dimensions Frame Dimensions # of Frames Loops
active 470.17 KB 910x2541 130x363 46 yes
collectClose 47.78 KB 650x726 130x363 10 no
collectOpen 57.72 KB 910x726 130x363 14 no
engine1 166.72 KB 780x1089 130x363 16 no
engine2 246.42 KB 780x1815 130x363 30 no
loadClose 52.76 KB 910x726 130x363 13 no
loadOpen 47.15 KB 650x726 130x363 10 no
mechanism1 135.55 KB 780x1452 130x363 23 no
mechanism2 91.48 KB 910x1089 130x363 20 no
ready 56.14 KB 910x726 130x363 14 yes
tooler1 289.25 KB 780x1452 130x363 23 no
tooler2 242.38 KB 780x1452 130x363 23 no

Static Images

State Filesize Dimensions
assembled 14.86 KB 130x363
collectOpenHold 15.19 KB 130x363
engine1Hold 17.33 KB 130x363
iconic 15.59 KB 131x159
loadOpenHold 15.02 KB 130x363
mechanism1Hold 9.29 KB 130x363
mechanism2Hold 8.8 KB 130x363
stand 5.56 KB 130x363
tooler1Hold 17.91 KB 130x363
tooler2Hold 15.24 KB 130x363
Image Dimensions Filesize
130x363 1.6 MB
130x363 486.36 KB