Subarna Spells

Region: Ilmenskie Deeps


A Mining Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Cosma., and Plus 2 Beryl Rocks for mining, 1 Sparkly Rock for mining, and 5 Dullite Rocks for mining.

Unlocked by

Foobadoo Sherbert Fleep and 56 others

This location was unlocked 633 days ago.


A memory...
I will miss all the fun times, finding places like this.
i really wanted to start a geocaching thing in glitch....
I lobed this place os much.
It's time for me to go, off into the world where the Giants dare not imagine. I've added flickr/twitter/tumblr info on my profile so if you find this before The End and want to keep up with one who once imagined with you, please do. I lobe you all. Good night.