Buckward Vale

Region: Groddle Meadow


An Alchemical Goods Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Mab., and Plus 2 Fruit Trees, 1 Bubble Tree, and 2 Bean Trees.

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Jade RealJimBob Ballerina and 13 others

This location was unlocked 815 days ago.


Higher! :)
Tarotscope for Fever 25 - The Firefly
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The Firefly: 8th of Widdershins @ 8am - 33rd of Widdershins @ 11:59pm
Associated Giants: Alph, Friendly, Grendaline, Pot. Ruled by Silvertongue.

King of Quoins
Transforming energy into wealth is the main ambition of the King of Quoins, and this card often signifies the type of Glitch who enjoys amassing large collections of valuable items. They usually put a great deal of thought into optimizing their efforts, and in many cases they are badgers as well as collectors. There is definitely a tendency to get carried away, and the work may become repetitive and tedious. Fortunately, those imagined under the Sign of the Firefly are highly creative, and should be able to find new ways to bring excitement and adventure to their work. When all else fails, a firefly can always fly away to find a new dream.

[More information about Glitchian Tarot and Astrology can be found in Miss Portinari's Tower.]
A note!
Don?t go, take in the view, flap your wings, hum a song, someday for sure...
Don?t say that, please remember, flap your wings, hum a song, because someday...
Home is where the quarter isn't anymore
My first cottage was here, and it was lovely. Sigh.

Buckward vale you are my home :(

take care of yourself you hear?

Go on! Git! Get out of here (sniff)