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7 Fruit Trees.


your 4th edition poem in Magha Pleat
was awesome!

just like this stew :)
Donate a Butterfly
Please be so kind as to donate a Butterfly.. leave a note and you just maybe hansomly rewared
Route and other signs.
Just in case you missed what the gnome said, take "Rue Bird" at the top signpost if you want to continue the normal metal route.

If you want the serious metal route, continue with "xombiekitty".

The rest of the signs are as followed:
Boom and Bust = start of Gas route
SeerQueen = start of Wood route
JillyBean = start of Spice route
new butterfly
here you go!
Please Read about Freebie Jeebies
Freebie Jeebies is a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of Glitches who are giving (and getting) stuff for FREE in their own streets It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of the hands of the Rook or the trash heap!

Some Rules to keep it Interesting:
#1 NEVER put a price on anything... (Hence the term "Free" in Freebie Jeebies)
#2 To join in the Freebie Jeebies route, please post in the Master list instigated by max_champlin in our group
#3 Try to have something to offer in return
#4 Place items by your street signs with appropriate notices
#5 Do not "loot" others that is not what this is for. "Looting" = picking up everything and leaving nothing. Emptying someone's pile.
#6 Keep the Freebie Jeebies movement going - Pay it Forward Take something, Leave something if you can!

To Continue on the Freebie Jeebie Route visit max_champlin!
Another one!
Enjoy your new butterfly!
have a new butterfly:)
Chto eto? (Russian text)
Kep govorit chto eto list bumagi o.O
I would like to see...
Boogie Robots.
A Test Tube!
:D Guess what I found! It is a Test Tube. Made me think of you... since flasks and test tubes go along... ... ... I think...
I would like you to add in MORE BARNACLES

Before you start thinking that I put the onions here! It wasn't me! You can't prove it!

... ... ... just don't check my crop plots in my house ='D
Here's a new member of your family.
*whistle* 'ere boy, fetch!
Write something!
i'd like to see a dulite rock, like the same color as the moon!
A note!
That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind
Love the ad! When I need a professional service, I'll call on you.