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Incarnadine's Home Street | Locations | Glitch

Incarnadine's Home Street

Owned by Incarnadine


1 Wood Tree, 1 Egg Plant, 4 Metal Rocks for mining, 4 Sparkly Rocks for mining, and 4 Crop Garden plots.


From the OED
glitch, n. Etymology: Etymology unknown. slang. a. A surge of current or a spurious electrical signal (see quots.); also, in extended use, a sudden short-lived irregularity in behaviour. b. Astronauts' slang. A hitch or snag; a malfunction. 1962 J. Glenn in Into Orbit 86 Another term we adopted to describe some of our problems was ?glitch?. Literally, a glitch is a spike or change in voltage in an electrical circuit which takes place when the circuit suddenly has a new load put on it... A glitch..is such a minute change in voltage that no fuse could protect against it.