Primevil Shambler's Home Street

Owned by Primevil Shambler


15 Jellisac Growths, 9 Mortar Barnacles, 3 Peat Bogs, and 6 Dirt Piles.


listen to me.
just fucking zoom out and LOOK at what ONE AREA in ONE REGION looks like.
look at the lanterns, look at the cavernous, expanse of the sky, all violent and orange-tinted.
imagine me sweeping my arms out to this beautiful place.
i do not care who you are, do not tell me that this is JUST a game.
A note!
Well, it's the first time a game made me cry (with sadness at least) breaks my heart like I don't think I could ever consider going there again.
Up in the Treetops
I will certainly miss being
up in the treetops, or down in the bogs,
sliding across the ice, or climbing on the logs
Ur has been a great time
it went by too fast
come on Tiny Speck!
try to make it last!!
A note!
I will never come here again and my heart is broken.