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NinNin's Home Street | Locations | Glitch

NinNin's Home Street

Owned by NinNin


1 Gas Plant, 1 Fruit Tree, 1 Spice Plant, 1 Egg Plant, 1 Bean Tree, 1 Wood Tree, 1 Bubble Tree, 1 Dullite Rock for mining, 1 Beryl Rock for mining, and 1 Sparkly Rock for mining.


Crops for pigs
The pigs need food, so I left them some cucumbers to eat. Make sure to leave them food on the floor or else they'll eat each other.

... I'm not even joking, they will.
Fill the feeder!
Fill the feeder if you have RHK to help keep the pigs alive. Pigs only eat each other and feeders if no one is on the street.
Regarding food
You're free to grab whatever you need but please try to leave some for others!

(People who have my key and whom I've designated as "people I need to feed," go inside my house for more high energy food.)