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Splendora's Home Street | Locations | Glitch

Splendora's Home Street

Owned by Splendora


19 Chickens, and 14 Fruit Trees.


I'm Scared...
I hear the end is coming and I am scared. All I know is here in this world. The neverending glow of the sun, fellow Glitchens of all sorts jumping and cooking and smelting, trading and selling, laughing and tilling, tithing and fighting the claws of the rook. What will become of me and all of us? Where will we go when the giants think of other things?I am cold, scared, and already lonely as I walk this world, trying to find corners I have yet to explore. If only there was a way to carry on. I don't want us to cease.I will miss you my brothers and sisters.Zilbert Xpigg
A Musical Note (as if from a Ukulele)
Yes, it has been fun. I hope that you had fun, too.
If you would like, you can come over to my YouTube channel for some Electric Ukulele music: www.youtube.com/user/PipLagenta

But in any case, goodbye and good luck!
-Pip R. Lagenta
Restored Patch! :)
Finished this project and replanted a Fruit Tree to continue the amazing Fruit Tree route!