Herb Herbally's Home Street

Owned by Herb Herbally


7 Sparkly Rocks for mining, and 9 Metal Rocks for mining.


Attack Piglet and his sidechick: Guardians of the pen. Very dangerous!

Their looks can steal your mood!

hey clark here is my pen... i herd u needed 1 if not its ok keep it by this time i will have bought a new 1 lol
Complaint Box
Place complaints for the Griswald Emblem Trading Post here. They will then be given to the giants via shrines.
TP scripts; sunrise; emblems, oh my!
Dear sir,
please find 3 emblems waiting for pickup in your mailslot, 5 new AL TP scripts in the pile and a pungent sunrise here in celebration of your hospitality and our friendship.

I just came by to drop off a Friendly Icon for the store. I tried my darndest to imagine giving you a little nudge off the balcony while you slept, but nothing happened.

A note!
Your jammies are so cute!!!!
i gave all the shiny things back :)
There was this thing with me and Bal and Tea and the toy vendor late last night and I don't really remember but I woke up with all these piggies in my bag

Woke up this morning in front of your house. That must have been a rough night for my glitch.

You house is far to neat so here is some random stuff to mess it up a bit.

You've been Tagged :-)

Now you're IT!

Pass this on to another sleepy Glitch...
...and perhaps write another note of your own
Puzzle Contest!
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for all the games you hosted here!
To Herb Herbally
I really enjoyed looking at your tower! You did a wonderful job, something to really be proud of! Wow!! All the best to you!