Muufo Start

Region: Muufo


2 Patches.


Drinks make you happy. Here's some Fruity Juice in case your mood starts to drop.
Butterfly Lotion
Butterflies can be tricky to get your hands on, especially if you're using the mouse. But, here's a tip: you can use the enter key to open a menu on anything you can interact with (anything that glows blue when you are close to it).

You can even use the enter key when moving and jumping. To get the butterflies, use the arrow keys to move, the spacebar to jump and then hit enter once you are close to the butterfly. The arrow keys will also work to move around the choices in the menu and enter will select an option from the menu.

So: take the lotion to massage a butterfly. Then try milking. Ta-da!
Stash this humble green in your pack. Click on it and "activate" instead of eating it, then juuuuump!
This here is a musicblock. Have a listen on your own or play it for others in the game. You'll occasionally get a musicblock for performing actions in the game. All in due time, you'll see.