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Xev's Home Street | Locations | Glitch

Xev's Home Street

Owned by Xev


1 Bubble Tree, 1 Gas Plant, 23 Herb Garden plots, and 15 Crop Garden plots.


I think some of us always knew that this couldn't last. The end was inevitable. It's why we spent so much time playing when there were other things we rationally knew we should have been doing instead. Because this won't be here forever.

But it's the finite that gives things meaning. Endlessness is too big, too lonely, too peculiar in its old age. The best kinds of things can't last. That isn't to say this was some sort of perfection; perfect Glitch was not. But it was unique. Special, even.

Glitch is a snapshot of reality, in an unreality spliced with art and music. It is the antisocial social game. It is a spinning orb of contradictions, held together by its own chaotic momentum. Inevitably, it had to unravel, but the journey was thrilling.

And so we end. But does anything really ever end? Or do we just go on, colliding and drifting apart indefinitely until the end of time?

If there is one constant in this endless universe, it is this:

Always Xev. Forever Xev.