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CoffeeSnob's Home Street

Owned by CoffeeSnob


1 Peat Bog, 5 Dirt Piles, 2 Egg Plants, 1 Gas Plant, 3 Sparkly Rocks for mining, 1 Metal Rock for mining, 8 Crop Garden plots, and 8 Herb Garden plots.


Fascinating True Fact About Me #5
I have no living relatives other than my rotten useless cat. Her name is Miro, rhymes with hero, and she named herself. Okay, technically that's a fascinating true fact about my cat, not me. But the no living relatives should count for something.
Fascinating True Fact About Me #9
My primary caregiver, the lesbian agoraphobe, died when I was nine of a freak fall down the stairs.
Fascinating True Fact About Me #15
I have an extremely melodramatic startle response. One time a guy touched my waist from behind and my elbow came up and broke his nose. My nickname when I was on the street was ?Flinch.?
Sorry I couldn't help with the restoration. Here's some Sparkly!
A note!
Enjoy the herbs! - Starks Shadow!