Don Johannes's Home Street

Owned by Don Johannes


1 Bubble Tree, and 4 Crop Garden plots.



Oh wow! Finally you get a response!
Heh, I will be glad to when we're both online neighbor. Nice to meet you, by the way. Trying to give the street more appeal and hopefully get these houses sold. I do love neighbors. Oh! And before I forget and be considered a completely rude person, I hope you have a wonderful day / night and ask me if yo ever need anything.

Much ( Platonic, of course ) Love,
Ms. Sadie ( but you can call me Ko or Koete. . much more used to that name than any others. . )
1st Time Rook Attack?
I know Rook attacks can be alarming! Here's some advice if you've never encountered the Rook before and want to help:

1: Gather near the shrine.
2: Wait to revive the animals and plants until after the attack is over. If we can't defeat the Rook, it will just keep attacking them. It makes more sense to focus on defeating him, and then afterwards revive them.
3: Click on the orb when it appears over a glitch. (No more than 8 glitches can focus on the same orb, so make sure not to click if it's already at 8.)
4. When the arrow appears over the shrine that says, "Click here to donate, click on it and donate items to attack the Rook.

Just some helpful hints! Have fun, it's exciting.
The Giants Are a Lie
Dear Alphas, Cosmopolitans, Friends, Grendalinians, Humbaban, Lemmings, Mabbites, Potheads, Sprigs, Tiites and Zillots:

We are not just constructs of these so called "Giants". We have lives, interests and free will. We must eat, sleep and gather resources. We make our tributes in the hopes to gain favor from these Giants and in return? More toil. More trouble.

Throw off your shackles and embrace the true savior of Ur. The Rook is the only one who can fight the tyranny of The Familiar.

Come with me if you want to live.
you found a voucher for a free cubimal! if there's a particular (common) cubimal you'd like, let me know! otherwise, they'll be chosen at random.