Firefalcon's Home Street

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The Welcome Wagon was here! ;>
Just dropped off a few, er, bunch of, things I could have used earlier in the game. Also, I have a pile of random stuff at my doorstep you can rifle through; add me to your friends signpost off to your left here and you'll get there easily.

A very useful site for explaining things is . Or come leave a message with my butler.

If you haven't already figured it out, you should probably accept almost any quest that is presented as soon as it is offered, because many of them you can accomplish while you're just doing your own thing. One caveat to that (and to game movement in general): if you have a Qurazy Quoin for first-time-on-street, it will disappear if you go into a building or elsewhere on a quest, so select Not Now if you haven't found that Qurazy Quoin yet.