Tandem Flush

Region: Brillah


A Groceries Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Pot., and Plus 1 Spice Plant, 1 Fruit Tree, 1 Metal Rock for mining, and 1 Beryl Rock for mining.


A note!
perhaps there is a long vendetta between the vendors and some glitchen we do not know about, that stretches far back and beyond into histury.
....but it's "tandem", so shouldn't there be two? Privet.
toilet paper
... u might need some ...
Our Beautiful End
As our world shutters
The death throws of a land closing this chapter
We are but the figments of great imagination
Characters inhabiting a dream
All blessed slumber gives way to arise
Wakefulness brings the day anew
The Giants will one day sleep again
We will one day return from our beautiful end
A note!
The giants may be awakening, but as long as we keep dreaming our glitchen may miss Ur but they will have new worlds to explore! <3
A note!
So...what will happen to the world? Will it just gradually fade a way? Will it all end with a great bang? Will they simply turn off the lights. My only sadness is that I must face this ending alone with no fellow glitchen to share it with me. I think I shall make my way to May Soup in the Vortex and await my ending there. It's such a pretty place. Thanks Tiny Speck. This was fun.
A note!
So sad to see you go.