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Stopan Winnow | Locations | Glitch

Stopan Winnow

Region: Alakol


An Animal Goods Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Lem., and Plus 2 Wood Trees, and 1 Fruit Tree.

Unlocked by

Bandit mishu Piece of Serenity and 52 others

This location was unlocked 648 days ago.


Puzzle #7: Greedy
Begin with "One".

14 13 9 3 58 92 77 10 21 53 5 15 17 181 6 176 1 18 48 23 33 69 12 8 2 ?

TO ENTER THE PUZZLE CONTEST: Mail this note, together with your answer and a brief explanation of how you arrived at your answer, to Alw? Sunny no later than noon game time on the 13th of Widdershins. One entry per Glitch is allowed.

GIVE UP? Mail this note, with a message reading "UNSOLVED", to Alw? Sunny for a full refund.

For further details, including prizes and the leaderboard, visit the puzzle room in Alw? Sunny's tower.

Thanks for playing!
After all this time this is still a fruit tree street!
Full circle
Three months and some days ago, one tiny little Glitch fell off the boat and landed here, in Stopan Winnow. 34 levels, countless streets and friends later, it's only fitting that I leave this game here as well. This game was absolutely preposterous, and yet I will really miss it.

Thank you for the best three months and the best MMO experience of my life, Tiny Speck!

Much love,

Goodbye my home, my street :'(
After all this years, it is time to say goodbye. Here, S.W--Stopan Winnow-- home of S.W, a friendly Humbaban-glitchy-glitchen who enjoyed countless walks from here to Cebarcul, petting animals, singing to butterflies, and st-..borrowing cherries from trees,says goodbye. Fellow Glitchen who's reading this right now, I wish you a happy new year. And remember Humbaba is always with you...