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Neva Neva

Region: Callopee


12 Sparkly Rocks for mining, and 4 Beryl Rocks for mining.

Connects to


For the Horde!
Somebody had to do it. Gherkin.
A note!
Wow I am so going to miss this place!!!!! Great friendships were made here. So very very sad. Tina
Many hours were spent here...
It was nice to feel a sense of community...

Neva Neva was always better than Ajaya Bliss (^_^)

(at least for shy people)

Finally there are no pigs or butterflies in the way, but of course there are no Glitchens either...

Before home streets, this was a really wonderful place to be. I met some beautiful people here. Some left, some stayed, but I am grateful to have known them while I did.

Home Away From Home
Once upon a time, I spent more time here than I did anywhere else in Ur. Friendships were made, shiny was mined, rocks were crushed and time passed far too quickly. It is only fitting, as this amazing world comes to an end, that I leave my most prized Glitchen possessions in this hidden room that once meant so much. Thank you, Tiny Speck, for the countless hours of fun and frivolity. <3