Ivalo Trims

Region: Chakra Phool


A Gardening Goods Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Mab., and Plus 4 Mortar Barnacles, 3 Peat Bogs, and 1 Spice Plant.

Unlocked by

Joe Blow The Stig Lisbeth and 63 others

This location was unlocked 683 days ago.


A note!
The world was a complex one, but its complexity made it simple to understand. Pet the trees. Massage the butterflies. Make good things grow. Use imagination to make it all happen. Be kind to one another. Say hi.

And the Glitchen did. And they all lived happily ever after.

Farewell from Rosewould (@dh_editorial)

A note!
Was it just that the giants were about to wake up from their fantastical shared dream, or was something else going on? The glitchen didn't know. Ur would disappear, certainly, but would they along with it? How could they say for certain? So they spent what precious time they had in harmony and in play.

This game is absolutely preposterous.
I agree wholeheartedly!
Yet, I kind of like it.

As long as we remember, it can never be taken from us. When it is gone the space for it will remain.
Boxy Sister
c/o Smallworlds.com