Vibrant Banks

Region: Drifa


A Toy Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Alph., and Plus 9 Ice Nubbins, 1 Bubble Tree, and 1 Spice Plant.


Slightly secret spots
These are one of the bits I'll miss most of all.
me too
this might be my new, new hiding spot!

come look for me after closing...just in case...
I, Dorothy Gale
reached my last level at this spot. :'(

bye bye Ur
I will miss you so much.
This, all, was a dream.

The dream of eleven Giants, working together.

From the piggies of Groddle, to the paper trees of the Ancestral Lands,

To the tips of our fingers and the bottom our toes,

We are but parts of a wonderful dream.

Now the Giants awaken.

Naturally, we will dissapear, as dreams are not often remembered...

...but a fragment of us will remain.
and in the end
it's love
Waiting for you at the end
This game was fun,
No one can deny that.
I've shared items a ton
And petted Heli Cats.

But now we must face the end.

We must not avert our eyes from the light.
Rather, we must face the future.

While waiting for you at the end.