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Marylpole Mount | Locations | Glitch

Marylpole Mount

Region: Groddle Meadow


A Toy Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Spriggan., and Plus 2 Piggies, 3 Fruit Trees, 2 Bean Trees, and 1 Wood Tree.


Hello All,
I'd just like to share what Glitch has meant to me.

A friend on another site introduced me to this site, and at first I had absolutely no idea what the game was about. I thought it was absolute madness with the pig nibbling and butterfly massaging - never could feel clean after massaging butterflies, ;D. It got to the point where I got my roommate, her boyfriend, and two more mutual friends hooked.

A while after I started playing, I fell into a depression of sorts. It was a combinaton of a whole host of things, the main one being my GPA and family issues. My depression quickly turned to suicidal thoughts. I was too embaressed to go to counselling; I didn't want to admit my problems to some strangers. Yet for some reason, talking to people on Glitch helped. Everybody was so friendly, so social and willing to listen.

I'm still struggling through my issues. But even for the tiny while that Glitch was able to help me, I'll always appreciate it.

Thank you Tiny Speck & Glitchens. <3