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Svarta Swale | Locations | Glitch

Svarta Swale

Region: Jethimadh


A Hardware Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Mab., and Plus 2 Mortar Barnacles, 2 Peat Bogs, 1 Gas Plant, and 1 Spice Plant.

Unlocked by

Malupin Zaphod The Stig and 53 others

This location was unlocked 676 days ago.


This was a nice meditation spot
I used to love to come here for the bubble tea, and stay for a meditation session. Often there was quite a picnic of food left here!
A favorite spot...
of mine, as well ol buddy! I always left Divine Crepes here for you because they look so very yummy.

I enjoyed shenanigating around the bogs with you, MP!