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Somewhat Sump | Locations | Glitch

Somewhat Sump

Region: Shimla Mirch


A Kitchen Tools Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Grendaline., and Plus 11 Mortar Barnacles, and 1 Peat Bog.

Unlocked by

striatic Jade zeeberk and 54 others

This location was unlocked 815 days ago.


a note!
lay your picks and scrapers down,
catch the fading evenlight,
butterflies rest in fruit trees,
as we sing to ur, "goodnight."

fireflies glimmer, glimmer 'round all
shimla mirch and back to you
bearing sparks from all the glitchen
cosma, tii, and friendly too.

to be woven in our dreaming
goodnight groddle, goodnight
o/` Hmm, hmm, hmm... o/`
For a very long time
Eleven giants walked around.
They thought of funny things
Until their thinking came alive,
And that's what this game was;
We lived inside their thoughts;
We went and made them bigger
And we played for a long while.

And we call the Giants by their names:
There's Humbaba and Friendly,
Alph, Zille, Tii and Lem,
Grendaline and Spriggan,
Cosma, Pot and Mab!

Though Ur may be ending,
It's not the end for us.
We'll find our next dream one day,
And we'll play for a long while.
I remember when we used to have Zilleoween parties here. There would be so many Glitchen it would take forever for the street to fully load. *sigh*