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You're viewing some of nearly 200 "Quick Ideas" Keita Takahashi produced for the MMO Glitch. Have fun!

Quick Idea #1

I like play looking at a map because I can see where I am.
However it need to prepare widescreen.

I think that It's better If you can see a part of map when choose a next location. It will help you when choosing a location.
it's more better if map can drag to every direction.

I added redesign pic.
Location map will change to world map when you touch sign pole.

Quick Idea #2

Why can't we select my avatar?
if we can do it, it seems there is potential to something new.

Quick Idea #3

API for signature of email.

Quick Idea #4

8-bit dragon wardrobe.


Quick Idea #5

Catch the staff.

I am sometimes escape from other players when I don't want to chat.
I got this idea while escaping.

Quick Idea #6

How to go to Ryan's moon location.
High High mountain and move cloud which can ride. and UFO which is obstacle.

We can go to Mars and other planet on this way. :)

Quick Idea #7

I think avatar T-shirts can make easy using inkjet print(high quality).
However resolution might not enough,,,

Quick Idea #8

About physiological phenomenon skill.

You can let off a cute belch and cute fart (just like Mart). Belch is key 5. Fart is key 6.
it's good that continue to sound while holding down the key 5/6.
And Let's jam session!

Quick Idea #9

I want to enjoy Glitch also except in game.
Therefore about player's page design.

Put a "locations area" at top of the page. And you can control your avatar in this area as possible.
It is great if we can see the location as background where we were in last time. Or image of similar location is better.

Online friends appears location area.

And, I don't totally consider design of another page, (e.g. Profile, Group, Forums,,,,)
And And, it is great if could realize not use flash.

Quick Idea #10

Wardrobe (Shirts/Tops or Skin color?) which can be invisible man.
But only eyes can see.