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You're viewing some of nearly 200 "Quick Ideas" Keita Takahashi produced for the MMO Glitch. Have fun!

Quick Idea #100

Add birthday form at profile page.

Swinging Piggy (OR Magic Rock) will celebrate your birthday if you login on your birthday.
Also it would be great if you can get presents from piggy.

Quick Idea #101

We published "Quick Idea 100" book (You can read 100 stupid ideas) and give a players it as special presents :)

Quick Idea #102

You can lure animal into anywhere by using foods.
Also I want to lure Mr.crab too.

Quick Idea #103

If you raise animals in your backyard long period...

Animals get bigger.

They will be human.

Of course, they can talk.

Quick Idea #104

If we can go out from backyard with them [1], it looks like dragon warrior 2.

And they have each inventories and therefore you can have many items.

And, you have to give food to them if they were hungry. If you didn't, they will return to animal.

Quick Idea #105

I want to play music blocks continually.

like this.
You can play continually if arrange music blocks in special music block bag.
Also you can random play.

like this?

Quick Idea #106

Another way to use balloon.

for Animal

Animals floats up by balloon. They will laugh. So it needs laugh sound effect to each animals:)

for Trants

It needs many balloons.

Trants will float up if gathered enough balloons.

But Rook attack balloon certainly.

Then trants fall down from sky, and you can gather all nuts.

for Rocks

Rock will be BARABARA. (←it's Japanese onomatopoeia which means "come apart".)

Quick Idea #107

How to make giant crops.

Please keep on giving water to crops. Then crops will grow bigger.
And it will be another way to make Giant foods.

Quick Idea #108

Sometimes I feel an unnatural to our avatar hang around with empty-handed.

So I attempted to give avatar to something like a bag.
I don't know those bag has function as storage tool, but it might be good as wardrobe.


They have something in their hands.

Quick Idea #109

Why can't do high five?