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You're viewing some of nearly 200 "Quick Ideas" Keita Takahashi produced for the MMO Glitch. Have fun!

Quick Idea #80

You will be able to get more mood point from bear-chan if you had honey.

Quick Idea #81

You can request incubation of fruits, meal, drink and tool.
Then little creatures will born.

Quick Idea #82

You can see where other players are if you press the player button.
I think it helps you feel as the Glitch world is alive.
Also It might be helps loneliness quest :)

Quick Idea #83

it's not individual player's achievement. it's by all player.

Quick Idea #84

Why can't we hold more stuff in each inventory box?

Quick Idea #85

You can get those foods just touch like a coins.

Quick Idea #86

The another way to use playtime.
What is playtime? Here you are.

There are trees which grow out by playtime.
e.g. The tree begin to talk when it be 100 years old. (by Glitch time)

The tree has residence on his branches.

Quick Idea #87

Doppelgänger quest.
you have to look for player who is using same parts of face or same wardrobe in time limit.

There are some levels.

- look for player wearing same hat (if you wore)
- look for player wearing same cloth (if you wore)
- look for player wearing same footwear (if you wore)
- look for player having same nose
- look for player having same mouth
- look for player having same eyes
- look for player having same ear
- look for player having same hair
- look for player having same nose/mouth/eyes/ear/hair (Doppelgänger)

The quest will finish if you touched another player who has same part or wardrobe.
But you can't do this quest if still default design avatar.

Quick Idea #88

The concept for direction of new XP.

Swing piggy will be new navigator of tutorial.

Piggy will swing by the law of inertia (?) when you move forward.


You can see progress bar on bottom of screen.
Mini piggy is cursor which show where you are. Mini piggy will jump if you finished task. And circle will change to star.

Swing piggy is master of tutorial. So he introduce magic rock.
Magic rock will talk when only you learn about skill.

About map.

Quick Idea #89

Glitch has many locations. But they are almost street.
I want location like a park where player gather naturally or can do relax or can stay long time there.

I can't explain very well. but i think need it.

The park will need special collision for move freely. like this [1]

Or winding path if it's hard to put a special collision.