Ched R. Cheeze



Enjoy The Butterflies!
Oops! It appears seven butterflies is too many! They get "sad" and it is similar to death for them! I can't do anything either because I can't move your pole! YIKES!
Grand Opening!
Moar inventory on the way!
Thank You Stoot!
Thanks for a year of an amazing game. You did a wonderful job of pushing a tough technology to its limits! Even though I will be sorry to see you go, I look forward to getting all of that time back. Maybe I'll go for my PhD! :)

There is no doubt that you created an amazing work of art, but I especially liked how you made the game cooperative, and not competitive. I hope this isn't the end of your creative endeavors and you'll allow us to keep track of your future expoits. Cheers! :D