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Mystery Gift Giver
Thank you for the gifts. Have a wonderful day! HUGS!
Welcome to Glitch!!
A little food to give you energy after a busy day! Enjoy the game
Welcome to Glitch
Some enery food. Also you might need a pick in order to mine the rocks in Ur.
Dear Gnome
If you can sneak over to my tower, the spaceship is about ready to take off. Pack you bags. Your friends are waiting. They are In Plain Sight...WITSEC....

Welcome to Glitch
Feed the little ones bubbles and they will fly. .Enjoy!
A note!
Very pretty room!
Undersea Fish Restaurant
Welcome to Wycinanki's world famous restaurant.

Choose from a wide selection of fruit juices, wines and beer to accompany your meal, then enjoy delicious crudites, followed by the freshest cedar plank salmon with potato patties and a salad, tangy noodles, or our special seasoned rice. Complete your meal with fresh exotic fruit salad with a sno cone, then invigorating bubble tea or mabbish coffee with birch candy.

No time to dine out? We also have prepared salmon take-away side orders, for you to cook at home at your leisure.

Opening Soon.
Special on ...

Wall segements
Urth blocks
Use your key and ck out prices in house...on first floor

and could you fill my feeder on Sat and Sun..thanks
towers to visit
Mugsy..6th floor

Soupie's 3rd floor

Bachjess tower

Armi ..lots of unfinished furniture..interesting tower

The Tree
I love climbing up this tree and all the special treats...
Upgrade Cards
Check out the encyclopedia - upgrades - Industrial -You need Truly Outrageous I - IV, in order to get gems when you mine. It also shows you which cards you have purchased and those that are available.
Art Gallery Review
I really enjoyed walking around Wycinanki's new gallery. My favorite picture is Starry Night. Flaming flowers that brightly blaze,
Swirling clouds in violet haze. Colors changing hue, morning fields of amber grain. Also the black and white Groddle. Well done. And the snacks were awesome.

Dear Gnome
You can't fool me...I have heard this trick before...
You are so cute!!!!!!!