Mani Redlyn



You are beautiful, Glitchen.
I wrote a note previously but it didn't stick around. But I need to make another one and make sure it stays this time. (& I will even if this one's gone :P)
Glitch has been the first game in years, since I was in middle school, that I have been social in. (Middle school was over 10 years ago for me, btw) And even then, it was with my brother and his friends.

I went around Ur, a long stretch if not every land, and left notes to tell people how beautiful they are.

Funny, someone thought I was littering and sought to complain on the forums, publicly. That was sad and made me feel terrible (I actually cried, lol), until the rest of the community stood up for me and I made a lot of friends. :)

I am forever grateful for that. Today, you'll be glad to know that I am now getting proper treatment for my officially diagnosed anxiety disorder.

To end this, you are still beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you regardless of gender, race, size, orientation, or anything else that makes you you.