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Fruit Changing Yarrun finished learning the Fruit Changing skill
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Bubble Tuning Yarrun finished learning the Bubble Tuning skill
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Gasmogrification Yarrun finished learning the Gasmogrification skill
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Cocktail Crafting I Yarrun finished learning the Cocktail Crafting I skill
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Fiber Arts II Yarrun finished learning the Fiber Arts II skill
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Fiber Arts I Yarrun finished learning the Fiber Arts I skill
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A hospitable, but strange visit
Don't let the name's rather amusing nature dissuade a stay at one of the best Glitch run recuperation centers. Staff were cordial, if not somewhat mysterious. The grey colouring of the walls provide a meditative effect and combines with the holistic nature of such a facility.
The latest in kitchen decor
Here we have the very example of a modern kitchen. The contrasting colours of black and red complement each other nicely, and the many prepared foods invite the eyes to feast, as it were, on the bounty of life. A single spotlight manages to pick out the details of beauty in the hanging flowers and does not detract from the decorations. Strangely, a hatchet lies on the counter, one wonders what it's place in this kitchen is.
A humble showcase
This room offers the best of a collection. Highly coveted items placed on shelves, pedestals and boxes are well highlighted against the brown background of the walls. Audience seating allows the viewer some comfort while taking in the view. The white shelving and white pedestal bring up a nice contrast as well.
Dark but not dreary
Could dining in a forest as night falls get any better? This ambience has a certain spooky quality, but some comforts such as the fishtank, and candles on the table elevate this room above horror laden elements. The placement of the two cabinets, recliner and firefly lamp add the feeling of indoors, outdoors.
Happy 60th
May you spend many more great hours in glitch!
Is this like a message board or what
Hello world
A garden that's a treat for the eyes
This shopping experience is not to be missed. As much a place to obtain cards as much a shrine to the earth and mother nature. The muted colour of the mossy green wall shows off the display boxes, nicely framed by bamboo and climbing roses. Mushrooms in the foreground pop out as you walk by.
I hate loading times
Seriously, they suck.