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A petli Wish-List...
why hello there, awesome egg maker who controls the sun and the beans! Your little petli would be way happy about the following:

2 more piggies (three-some and all)
2 fruit trees
2 allspice trees
and a bubble tree :D
2 bean trees? maybe...
1 or 2 cocks and some blindfold...
and maybe another butterlfy or two for the outside garden :D
and i think i have more chicken myself :)

and i think that is all... if you happen to find out that you can make herb seeds, than those would be win too :D so we can start some tinkturing :D

(damn, these notes can hold a super load of text!!!)

So that all being said, I think i run out of things that are needed in the house - also not sure how many patches we even have :D

Maybe also an eggplant but i don't know if you can have those in your normal garden by now or not.........

Anyway... good night :)
<3 from the petli

PS: there is still 111 characters left.... which i am thoroughly using up now with these last few lines :D cause that's what we do!!