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Secet caves or UR series #4

Dorothy Gale

It was always full of butterflies and drinks. :)

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Dorothy Gale

Never thought I'd see the Juju queen!!! O.o


Dear caseorganic,
I loved your tower. Used the blockmakers and refueled.
Thank you!

The beautiful cliff of Anrasan Glance and the Humbaba monolith! Stop for a moment and enjoy the view!

Take an offering, but please leave something for others. :)
...has been my favourite game and will continue to be so,long after it is gone. :'(
Thank you so much for a perfect year of fun, adventures and wonderful friendship!
Dear Val,
Dropped off stuff from your collectors.
Miss you dreadfully and I hope you're ok.

I, Dorothy Gale
reached my last level at this spot. :'(