Penelope Garcia

(Crystal Gail)

was Twoday 9th of Remember, year 17



I shall die here as well...if it had not been for helcat i would have never meet any of yall............ so thank you Helcat :)
As I write and listen to this deeply sad music only days ago I was eager to get on and plant/harvest/call the rube/chat with friends and to log on and find that Glitch was ending... You broke a little piece of my heart with the news...To the team of Glitch.... you made this game a constant in my daily life you made it a little easier for me to go on about my daily life with things I'm struggling with. I just wanted to thank you all..GLITCH will forever stay in my heart and be a memory...LIVE ON GLITCH LIVE ON!
?The heart that truly loves never forgets.?