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Good Sir
I have never played a game online before. And truth be told, I probably never will again. Unless by some chance you get the band back together and make something in the future.

I hope that as heartbreaking as it mus be for you, that in time, the joy trumps the sadness. We'll all miss it, you, the rest of the team. How this game even lasted as long as it did is amazing. The concept: Visit strange worlds and be nice to each other. No end, no real enemy ( I mean let's be honest, the Rook was just misundestood), no goals that give you specific power over in the hell did you pitch this game? That's a story for the books.

Take care, you and your team know how much you're loved and appreciated, but I want to include my name on that list. I had a lot of laughs and made some friends because of this game, so thank you.

I wish you all nothing but world dominating success, with people like you in it, the good from Glitch may transfer to reality.
Snarglezoss and Hogglewarts
Sooo, this is it. The end. We all have to say goodbye to this lovely game that this world will sadly never be ready for.

Let's be honest, a Flash based game where the purpose is to be nice and help one another, wasn't going to catch a lot of attention. There aren't enough people whom actively seek to be nice anymore.

Live your real life a little more like Glitch and maybe, just maybe, the world will become a nicer place.